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Grant Proposal

User: Nolan Bauer
FCT address: FA2oecgJW3XWnXzHhQQoULmMeKC97uAgHcPd4kEowTb3csVkbDc9
FCT: 300

User: Factomatic
FCT address: FA2944TXTDQKdJDp3TLSANjgMjwK2pQnTSkzE3kQcHWKetCCphcH
FCT: 300

User: PaulSnow
FCT address: FA3LwCDE3ZdFkr9nE1Keb5JcHgwXVWpEHydshT1x2qKFdvZELVQz
FCT: 300

ANO / Committee
Group: Factom Inc.
FCT address: FA3LwCDE3ZdFkr9nE1Keb5JcHgwXVWpEHydshT1x2qKFdvZELVQz
FCT: 38040

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
- Maintenance of MainNet - Pauses and Issues resolved
- Refactor Code Development - Continued Development of refactoring

Timelines and Milestones
Various factomd releases as stable updates are developed - 9/9/2019 - 12/9/2019

This grant asks for $50,720 per month over 3 months totaling $152,160 for the development and support portions. Assuming a FCT price of 4 $/FCT would give a grant amount of 38,040 FCT for the Factom, Inc. portion.

There is also oversight on this grant being provided by the Sponsors, there is 300 FCT each for a total of 900 FCT.

The grand total for this grant comes out to 38,940 FCT.
Hi @PaulSnow, @Brian Deery, and @Paul Bernier:
During the last grant round, Factom Inc committed to decentralizing the restart process. More specifically, Paul Snow committed to working with @Paul Bernier. For many ANOs, this commitment was a sticking point in regards to approving Factom Inc's grant, so I wanted to followup to see how much progress has been made.

I was waiting for Factom Inc. to give an update as this is their grant, but as I was explicitly tagged I can also give an update from my point of view:
  • I got access this Monday to a Web UI that displays data from the swarm and that is used to diagnose a network pause.
  • I need to schedule next week a call with Steven to get an overview of how to read and interpret this UI.
  • My understanding is that I will get access to another tool allowing to trigger restarts. It is pending the integration of a similar authentication system as for the other web ui.
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