Factom Grant Round 2019-06-01 - ANNOUNCEMENT

The next Factom® protocol GRANT ROUND is here!

In accordance with Document 107 (Factom® Grant Process) the round is officially announced today, 45 days prior to payout June 1st.

The application deadline is 2019-05-02, 23:59 UTC.

Approximately 130 000 FCT will be dispersed in this round.

Please read Doc 107 carefully as it covers important aspects like:
- Application process.
- Formal requirements.
- Complete timeline.

Doc 107 is available here.

The FCT amount which will be dispersed in this grant round is 136000 with a target payment block of 195126.

The Discussion phase of the current Grant Round is now over and discussion threads are closed. The voting period has begun and will last for three days until May 13th at 23:59 UTC.

Voting Instructions for Standing Parties:

1. Consider using Luap's or Tom (The Cube3 one) grant-ranking tools for figuring out your score sheet: https://luciap.ca/#/grant-ranking or (Cube3's link in #governance-chat)

2. Make a copy of the Voting Template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v4hT7b8IHpLrqJG6Xxx5bf0GT8DeeTApH15-La95cBQ/edit?usp=sharing.

3. Fill out the voting template online as a Google Spreadsheet following the instructions carefully.

4. Download the completed score card as a PDF.

5. Rename it to "YOUR-ENTITY-NAME-ScoreCard.pdf". (Optional: Hash the PDF and put it on the Factom blockchain.)

6. Fill out the Vote Submission form, uploading your PDF to it: . https://forms.gle/H83jMznTUNCsSiSi8

7. Submit form.

Ask a Guide if you have any questions.