Funded [FACTOM-GRANT-Factom, Inc.-011] Anchor Master

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The Anchor Master is in charge of ensuring anchors are written in a timely way to
the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. This grant covers the cost of developing
and maintaining anchoring code, deploying and maintaining the anchoring code on
to servers, and monitoring the software, and intervening when issues may arise.

This grant covers the next 3 months, Mar 9, 2019 - June 9, 2019.

Monthly support (3 months) 220 FCT
Total amount 660 FCT

As required by document 153 that governs Factom grant round 2019-01: This is the thread for grant proposal [FACTOM-GRANT-Factom, Inc.-011] Anchor Master.
The review process starts at 2019-01-31 00:00, so please refrain from starting public review or questions before that time. If you notice clear errors in the proposal you can contact the author of the grant proposal directly.


You mention anchoring to Etherum here. Will that be part of this Anchoring grant for the next three months, and the 660 FCT cover anchoring to Etherum as well?
Indeed, ethereum anchoring has been close for a while. It isn't critical for the operation of the network, so priority has been pushed to the factom network code itself, but it is something that we would like to get up and running. (The questions along the lines of "What happens if bitcoin goes away" are coming along less frequently nowadays.)
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