Grant Update Factom Asset Token Protocol Grant Update Thread

1 Month Update

Hi everyone,

We are 1 month into the current grant round, and we want to give an update on the Factom Asset Token Grant. This update represents the work of DBGrow, Luciap, Layertech, and Canonical Ledgers.

Global progress:
  • Worked through design discussions for the FAT Wallet
  • Rebuilt the foundation of the FAT Wallet with Vue.js inspired by the early proof of concept developed by DBGrow. All the development is now on the development branch of the wallet repo
  • Decided to rely on factom-walletd to store EC, FCT and identity keys (similar to what the Enterprise Wallet do) Gives us the possibility to leverage all the good things already done there, including the upcoming wallet encryption.
  • Did the integration of factom-walletd. It will require a code change to allow CORS (currently using a tweaked version)
  • Worked on the "Settings" page and the "Token" page (FAT-0 only for now) of the wallet
  • All code required for interacting with the factomd API for parsing the factom blockchain is completed and fully tested.
  • The fat0 entry types and validation rules for issuance, transactions and signing of those implemented and fully tested. We have iterated a fair amount on the validation signing rules to avoid all possible replay attacks. In the past week or so a new potential edge case was discovered and we've since mitigated that in various ways.
  • Planning out the database, specifically discussing what it is that fatd should be able to guarantee about a database when it starts up and connects to it. Another way to ask that is how much does a user need to trust their fatd database? If the user has to trust the database entirely, with no way to determine validity without simply regenerating it themselves, then bootstrapping a database is a risky proposition. On the other hand, in order to have a database that can be validated in some cheaper fashion than simply rebuilding it from scratch, then fatd will have a greater level of security engineered in, but there is more data that needs to be stored to achieve that. This decision is one that probably all security critical applications that depend on Factom for immutable state will have to deal with, in any case, we have settled on a middle ground for now that will allow for slightly cheaper validation of the db, while still only storing valid fat entries. This can be later easily expanded to a more complete set of factom block data that can be more independently verified by recomputing the keyMR for that latest factom block.
  • Example fatd updates:

What’s In Store for Month 2 of the FAT Grant?

  • Finalize FAT-0
  • Push FAT-1 toward finalization
  • Explore potential new standards
  • Alpha release of fatd
    • Implement FAT-0
    • Implement FAT-1
  • Add identity management UI
  • Add issuance UI
  • Integrate with functional fatd (start using fat-js)
  • Fix any outstanding compatibility issues with fatd (signing, data structures, validation)
  • Implement all available fatd RPC calls and complete integration tests
Update FAT Whitepaper
The teams behind the FAT protocol grant will be adding a set of new deliverables to be completed this grant round. These include a GO RPC, a CLI, a more advanced wallet with identity creation and management as well as some simple token issuance mechanics.

We will also be looking into implementing new standards, further refining current standards, and more to be identified later. We are excited to have the opportunity to further build out the FAT protocol, and the greater Factom ecosystem!
2 Month Grant Update

Hi everyone,

We are now 2 months into the current grant round, and we want to give an update on the Factom Asset Token Grant. This update represents the work of DBGrow, Luciap, Layertech, and Canonical Ledgers.

We are fully on track to have a functioning Alpha/Beta of the full technology stack for the Factom Asset Token Protocol, from the protocol, to the creation and issuance of tokens, to the end user's token management, all by next month.

Global FAT Progress
  • Sphereon has publicly stated that they will be bringing more information forward on 2 seperate projects they and their partners will be bringing online on top of the FAT protocol
  • # users on FAT discord this month: 60 to 78
  • Spread awareness of FAT technology to a variety of enterprise parties
  • Preparation of the first FAT Standard by a community member outside of the ANO’s on this grant: !
  • Interface between wallet’s FAT0 token management with the fat-deamon, allowing FAT token balance display, and both single recipient transactions as well as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) transactions.
  • Dynamic add/remove of FAT tokens to the UI
  • Integration of FCT to the wallet
  • Fatjs completed
  • Integrated all fatd RPC calls complete with integration tests
  • Created a non-fungible token standard with orders of magnitude higher efficiency than even our previous proposed FAT1 token. We are extremely excited by what can be done with this token.
  • Discussion can be followed here on our non-fungible standard:
  • Various other improvements increasing the security and efficiency of FAT tokens

Deliverables added to this grant post grant round

  • Go RPC built and functioning with fatd
  • Go CLI built and able to issue tokens with it
  • On-chain identity management UI (Displays digital identities and their associated keys, options to import identities or create new on-chain identities)
A view of the Wallets identity creation and management:

  • Initial FAT0 token issuance UI
  • Coinbase emission transaction UI (bringing new tokens into existence) for FAT0

Next month

  • Finalize beta versions of FAT standards 0, 1, 13, 100, 101, 102, 200, 300.
  • Bring all documentation in line with current standard implementations
  • Release updated FAT whitepaper
  • Add FAT1 support to FATd
  • Have a completed Alpha Fat-deamon
  • Beta Go-rpc
  • Beta Go-cli
  • Add FCT -> EC conversion UI
  • Interface the wallet’s FAT0 token issuance and coinbase tx with the fat-deamon
  • Add FAT1 support
  • Finish wallet documentation
  • Have a completed Alpha FAT Wallet
  • Write new test suite for faster updates
Hi everyone,

I am really glad to report the achievement of an important milestone: the first stable beta version of the FAT Wallet is available.

FAT Wallet is a multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) desktop wallet that supports in one place FAT tokens, Factoids & ECs and Factom digital identities. That first public version is tested and stable, but is only a beta because of the feature set: more is to come before the official release! It is strongly not recommended for the general public to start using that version as your main wallet, please wait for the official release that will come in a few months. But if you have any questions I will be happy to answer.

It has been a continuous effort for the last 4 months and that version completes the FAT grant 1 in regards to the FAT Wallet development (which was "only" about developing a barebone wallet) and it already goes well into the FAT grant 2 development.

I am really excited and looking forward of getting the first production ready version in your hands, stay tuned!

PS: I am attaching few screenshots of the wallet as teasing :)


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