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Hello Factom Community!

I’ve been working behind the scenes with Factom Inc since Jan and DBgrow since Feb to get a Factom® Protocol merchandise line up and running with a link from the factomprotocol.org ecosystem section. This initiative would be run by Matter of Fact, and DBGrow is only serving to help design, host the link to the merchandise line, and make sure appropriate licensing is up. They will not be receiving any compensation in any form from this initiative.

Most elements are in order and its time to reach out to the community to see if there is support or any objections to this.

If/when the community agrees. I will push forward with the project and seek some design suggestions and/or a friendly competition within the community on the ultimate design decisions for the merchandise line.

Thanks for your time!
Hey @Benjamin Dufty!

The process basically involves working with an ecommerce platform (or create one), online payment processing platform, and a third party printing company. Seeking high quality gear... over storing boxes of cheap gear made in a sweat shop. MOF will assume the financial risk for the trademark license, operation expenses and fees associated with the platforms mentioned above.

The business man in me…would not invest in such a company…but, we thought it would be a fun project to create a little more brand awareness for the protocol. The more brand awareness the more value for all our FCT! A merchandise line has potential to create other opportunities like David mentioned above (other ideas/recommendations are encouraged :) ). We are willing to put in the time to get it up and running. I would consider the project a success if it broke even. In the beginning, any profits that are made will be considered a bonus for the financial risk and time for MOF and others (if applicable).

There has been discussions to pass the project over to the foundation once it is up and running and all licensing and contracts agreements have expired between MOF and third party entities. I would help in this transition...But, this will be a bridge crossed at that point in time.
Hi Dan,
This is a great idea.
Most big enterprises have some merchandise. A number (like Ferrari) make such a significant profit that it is a business in itself.
So yes things like mugs, tee shirts, key rings, cuddly toys.
The question is what can we do to get some merchandise that really chimes with our integrity theme?
How about a Ledger nano with the Factom logo?
Yes we have been talking about this as well. For instance we (BIF) are already creating some hoodies for the hackathon and of course stickers. It is quite important for people to recognize you as being a representative of the Factom Protocol of course. Besides stuff like a website etc, do you have a rough timeline for when the first merchandise would be available. I would love for us to get some exposure during the Oddysey hackathon 11-14 April as well.
@Niels Klomp I do enjoy tight time lines and working under pressure. I would love to have everything full swing for Oddysey. But, timing is tight. This poll is open till Friday the 22nd. Getting all the paperwork inline and product launch done in a week would be impressive. Usually, its 2-5 business days to print the merchandise and than 2-7 business days to ship (within the US). If there was an associate of yours or some community member that is attending Oddysey from the US that was willing to bring over the merchandise and was leaving the US on April 10th. That would mean that the merchandise would have to be ordered by March 25th.
In order to “potentially” hit that deadline… There would have to be community consensus to close the poll on this vote ASAP and considering the results of the poll. If the community voted in favor…I’d try my best to get all the pieces together in short order…with the understanding that some elements will be out of my control.
In order to possible expedite things here….I’m tagging all that have been involved with the convo to see if there is a consensus to close the poll sooner in order to potentially have the ability to have Factom® Protocol merch available for the Odyssey event. @Niels Klomp @Nic R @Mike Buckingham @damo @Benjamin Dufty @Julian Fletcher-Taylor @David Chapman @ChrisJ555
Is their consensus to close this poll earlier than March 22nd? I can throw out a number like 70%…if at the moment in time the poll is closed, if there is over 70% in favor to proceed with the merchandise line. The vote will close and I/MOF will proceed and do our best to have options available for the Odyssey Hackathon.
Really not sure the best way to go about this…all options are welcomed. My only motivation to close the poll early...is to potentially have things ready for the Odyssey Hackathon.
Thanks for your time!
Thanks Factom Community for voicing your approval of this initiative and suggestions! MOF and myself will proceed with the process.
Unfortunately, @Niels Klomp I dont believe we can get the merchandise line up and running for Odyssey. We need time for some due diligence, product testing, etc and I couldn’t find an ethical way to close this poll earlier.
Thanks again everyone!