Grant Update Explainer Video Working Group - Grant Update

On behalf of the marketing committee the Work Group (6) put forward a proposal to create a professional marketing video for the Factom® Protocol. We were awarded a grant for 3,600 FCT.

Activity One: Select Video Producer (Completed)

In order to be as transparent as possible to select a production company, we prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP was made public for feedback, which we incorporated in the RFP.

We then selected 12 potential producers from around the world. 7 producers responded and 6 put forward a proposal. These producers and their proposals were published in the Marketing Committee Discord channels.

After the closing date for the RFP, these proposals were discussed. We looked at some hard criteria, like price, timeline and functions. There were some which cost considerably less, others cost the maximum proposed budget ($ 15,000). We then looked at subjective criteria, like look & feel and how they got a message across based on supplied sample videos.

After the discussion, a producer has been chosen: Story Architects. The main reason is that we liked the quality of the artwork best. The interlaced movies with people made it look much more professional than just animations. Using clear, bold words jump out an make an impression. The shading in the artwork of the animated characters were of a much higher quality.
Overall, we believe they will let us stand out over the more generic approaches of other explainer videos.

Activity Two: Produce a Story Board (In progress)
The work group will now work with Story Architects to build a storyboard of the video and a list of the important points that should be covered.

Activity Three: Produce the Marketing Video (Not started)
The video created by the production company will be no more than 2 minutes long. The work group will manage this process.

Activity Four: Publish and Distribute the Video (Not started)
The marketing committee will publish the video on the Factom protocol Website as well as distribute the video across all social media accounts related to the Factom Protocol.
Hi Alex,

The work on the grant is processing steadily.

After the RFP process where we evaluated six submissions, the marketing committee selected Story Architects to execute the project.

Since then we’ve had several meetings with them. For the briefing, deciding on the target audience, creating a storyline, discussing sample use cases, refining, etc.

We’re currently discussing visualization styles. Next step will be to start building a first visual storyboard. After that we’re going into production.

We’ve been posting each of the steps in the marketing channels on discord, asking and receiving feedback from the committee members.

I understand not everybody has access to all the marketing committee channels, so I’ll post an update early July on Factomize.
We’ve had various meeting with Story architects with regards to the feedback on the visual styles which went back and forth.

After this the creators went on with the content for the video which were again going back and forth with all the feedback from the working group.

The creators adjusted the story and offered 3 voice over actors, where the WG decided to go with Glenn.

There is now a concept of the video with the voiceover where the WG is in heavy discussion with as some content might be needed to change and overlays. We’re also discussing within the WG about the rebranding situation which could lengthen the end date of the video.

This week I will be in contact with the creators to get a quote for the adjustments to a new name as the rebranding is out of scope and simply put isn’t fair towards the creators.
as stated in the WG @Anton Ilzheev:

[BIF] Sebastian 27-02-2020
Still need to do some work content wise so not ready to go out. There was some discussion internally about it but before contacting them we need clarity as they are now preoccupied with other projects. Which is obviously expected as we had them on hold.

Quick add:
Due to Corona things are definitely halted so if consensus will be to go ahead then first the WG needs to pick up the latest content and provide feedback.