Exchange Working Group Update

With the ratification of doc 006, all existing committees/WGs were disbanded and new working groups and committees had to be formed.

Here's a very brief update to indicate this particular group has been reinstated.

The Exchange Committee is now the Exchange Working Group and comprises the following members:

@Julian Fletcher-Taylor
@Anton Ilzheev
@Matt Osborne

Following the last update, we are still working with the external entity, which has provided a list of interesting leads so far. The Exchange WG actively discusses what leads to pursue, with a better focus on higher value-add than we've seen in the past. Due to the pandemic and market collapse, the impact of any decent listing right now is likely lower than usual, so that's something to keep in mind. No-brainer listings will of course happen as soon as they can.

Discussion is also centred around a robust and responsible management of exchange funds. Again, with crypto markets currently in uncharted waters, a big priority for the WG now is to make sure it can continue acting decisively in securing paid listings when the timing is right. To further enhance responsiveness, the WG now has direct access to funds.

@David Chapman , could you change the roles/flairs accordingly?