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Hi Mitchell - thanks for your application!

You've applied for 30% efficiency, and will need to justify value add.

Your plan so far for contribution reads:

“Hopefully desktop and mobile apps utilising the network. Contribute monitoring tools also. “

Can you please expand on what you'll be developing exactly?
Thank you for applying to be an ANO! I'll likely have some specific questions later, these are simply questions I am asking all applicants.

1. Will you commit to, if elected, having, at the very least, the executives who will play a role in this ecosystem:
A. Signup for this forum with their username being First Name Last Name
B. Have a personal picture as their avatar.

It's not a requirement that this happen and some won't care but I personally will score those who won't commit to this a little lower and I want to be transparent about that.

2. Will you commit to having a logo created and/or submitted to this area within 30 days of your election (I would provide directions).

3. Will you commit to keeping this area updated for your team (it's easy).

4. Will you commit to providing at least a quarterly update on the progress your team is making in this area.

5. If you haven't already posted them within this thread, please provide the LinkedIn of anyone you mention as part of your team.

Thank you!
Can you please expand on what you'll be developing exactly?
Hi Colin,
It is a desktop app, currently Windows only. Aimed at businesses, essentially drag and drop files or automatic monitoring of folders which are hashed and sent off to an Evident server to process. Trying to make it as user-friendly as possible, all the crypto is abstracted away, just clean, simple file verification and time-stamping. It's barebones yet functional at the moment but wouldn't say it looks pretty and is certainly missing features.
This application is absolutely horrible. However, it's actually an improvement on his round one application which was so bad nobody even bothered to ask him any questions.

I suspect most won't put much thought into this application and will just score Event Technologies low and move on. And understandably so. But it would be a tragedy.

You see, Mitchell is horrific at selling himself. And that's ok because he's no marketer or salesman. He's a developer. Mitchell wrote the first Python wrapper for Factom and recently wrote a rust client for Factom.

The only reason I'm aware of this is because Mitchell posted the rust client on Discord under the same username and I connected the dots.

Yes, his application is horrible. But we need developers like Mitchell incentivized to take part in this ecosystem in one way or another. As an ANO? I don't know, that's up for all of us to decide. But I do ask that everyone take a more serious look at the potential of Evident Technologies than the application alone warrants.
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Thank you for your application, Evident Technologies!

Based on the contents of your submission, it's very difficult to come to the impression that you take the role of an ANO seriously. Nonetheless, I think it's important to give everyone a chance and I would like to ask a few questions:
  • how many people are currently working at Evident Technologies and how many of them would be dedicated to working on the Factom protocol? Your application lists only you as such a person. Is this the case? If it is, could you elaborate how do you plan to cover the rather demanding job of being available 24/7/365 in case of an emergency (of which we've had several in the last 6-9 months)
  • what kind of problem is the Windows application you're currently developing trying to solve? When do you think it will be finished and do you have any projected usage on Factom mainnet coming from it?
  • how do you think that your application compares to the submissions of other candidates?
  • why did you decide to implement a Rust client for Factom?
Hi Valentin,

Responses in order:
  • Currently it is only me, the intention is to initially hire two people upon successful application to administer servers and further development. As for monitoring I've previously used OpsGenie and UptimeRobot for handling server incidents, both provide a call alerts service for unscheduled maintenance issues along with various other admin tools. I've done my fair share of 2am wake-up calls, you do get quite used to it.
  • Building an app which improves the UX of time-stamping, notarizing and signing documents, abstracting away all the cryptography involved and automating the process when desired. Aiming for a release in 3 months, after that marketing will commence. I'm unable to make any honest projections of EC usage without resorting to speculation sorry.
  • Apart from a brief browse I haven't looked thoroughly into the other applications. I'm happy with what I have put forward.
  • Have taken a shine to rust server backends for their security, memory safety, asynchronous calls and speed. Being able to pull in an api client to interact with the Factom network greatly simplifies the setup process here rather than writing ad-hoc rpc calls as needed.
Thanks for your questions. Keen for anymore you may have.

To the Factom Protocol Standing Parties and greater Community: After reviewing fellow prospective ANO campaigns and speaking with teams who share my passion for the Protocol and its future, I’m excited to announce I am suspending my ANO campaign effective immediately, and I have joined KOMPENDIUM as its LEAD DEVELOPER. In this new role, I’m eager to build mobile and desktop applications and improved developer tools for the community, furthering the Factom Protocol’s commercial integration and adoption. The future is bright!
Hello, Evident Technologies, thank you for application.
I ask this questions all ANO candidates:

1. With what efficiency are you going to operate?

2. If your efficiency is lower, than 60%:
2.1. What have you already pledged to the Factom? It's a good practice, when ANO candidates pledge works in advance before being elected.
2.2. Do you have an experience in running business? What kind of businesses it were? Please tell us more about it, so we can understand your strengths and what expect from your ANO if it will be elected.
2.3. What a minimum number of hours per week are you going to work for Factom? Do you commit it?

3. Do you participate in any other cryptocurrency projects? If yes, please reveal details.
Hi Mitchell,

Just to confirm, Evident Technologies is no longer an ANO candidate? If this is the case, we will update our records for scoring by eliminating Evident Technologies, and will add the information that you (Mitchell) are being added on with the Kompendium team as the lead developer.
I've decided to ask all prospective ANOs the following:
  • What experiences do you have running dockerized applications?
  • What are some things you learned while running your testnet servers?
  • How have your ideas about mainnet infrastructure changed as you have become more familiar with running factomd?
Apologies if you have already answered one or more of these somewhere else.
Thanks for the question Jay! I've recently made the transition to Lead Developer of Kompendium, so the answers to this question will appear on the Kompendium post. We are waiting for Evident Technologies to be removed as a prospective ANO in Factomize. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Mitchell Berry
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