Ratified Doc 100 - Guide Election and Removal Process

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Should the document be ratified or amended as specified by the thread type?

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Paul, good points on Guide ANOs voting.

Regarding the discussion happening on the document, it got very messy last time and all the discussions disappear when resolved. Having people discussing the document in two different places didn't work well and made it difficult to follow what was going on and what consensus was formed, if any. It's better if you can quote sections of the document into the thread here so we can hash it out.
I would like to echo @PaulSnow 's comments above re trying to exclude guide's voting.

I lean toward a strategy of distributing standing wide enough that centralization-based gaming becomes infeasible (ie a party voting for something with conflict of interest doesnt matter because standing is so distributed).

Then we can simplify everything to just be, on any vote, the sum of the total standing in the ecosystem that is voting.

-This is far easier to code into an on-chain solution
-And this is far easier to understand, meaning we start closing off gaming via knowledge of the voting system itself (We wan't people to be able to spend as little time as possible learning about our governance systems to be able to participate in them on a level playing field.
One last suggestion.

We can continue with how we do things now: Design the system to be future-compatible with what I suggest above, but because currently we aren't distributed enough to make that work, just have guides or guide applicants be expected to recuse themselves when the community deems that necessary. A guide-applicant refusing to recuse themselves when the other applicants are, and the community desires that, surely takes the bite out of that conflict-of-interest attack vector simply by the massive loss in support/standing from the community in doing so?


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The final poll is available for Guides to vote on now for 3 days. If Guides pass the vote with 4 "Yes" votes then ANOs will be able to vote. If Guides fail to pass, there will be no further action.
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