Do we want to have a newsletter? If so, any volunteer writers?

Do we want a twice-monthly newsletter?

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Factomize should be releasing its Factom Protocol Daily Update in partnership with @Cody B from Anchorblock next week. It is a daily update that emails important information to those of us who would benefit from daily communications. It aggregates manually created news/announcements, information such as polls you haven't yet voted on, important threads here on the forum, important Reddit threads, and manually inputted Discord screenshots and links. Without any information, it looks like this:

Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 9.38.01 AM.png

Most people who aren't as involved as Standing Parties don't need or want a daily update. But there could be significant value in having an outward facing newsletter that is sent twice a month. It wouldn't take too much effort to allow this system to also perform such a function. My suggestion would be to replace the "Needing Your Attention" category with a "Factom Education" category. Twice a month, a couple of paragraphs about the Factom Protocol would be written and included in the newsletter for educational purposes. Everything else would easily be populated like the daily update and would simply select from the most important announcements, news, forum and reddit threads, and discord screenshots from that two week period.

So the questions are:

1. Do we want this? Please vote on the poll to answer this question (it will be open for three days)

2. Is someone willing to step up and write the twice monthly educational portion? Factomize is moving away from marketing and outreach so someone else would need to commit to doing this.
Hey David, what kind of content do you foresee in terms of "Factom Education"? Are you thinking of more of a technical analysis or more of something akin to your blogs on Factomize (which has some technical explanation, but only insofar as to explain the big picture of FCT's potential)?

What kind of articles do you envision being written in the education section? Thanks in advance for any info!
@Marketing Committee

Could you comment on if this is something you would be able to do or not?

We have been parts of the testing of the functionality and like it a lot, and wants it to be done. We are not good enough english writers to host it ourselves, and think it would be natural that it is being done by you as marketers.