Development of a new Factom Thread

The current Factom thread hasn't been updated in ages and it's not uncommon for many days to go by without any replies. When new people do check the thread, they are given outdated info and many of the links no longer work. This is a major missed opportunity as many altcoin threads on Bitcointalk receive millions of views. My suggestions:

1. Register the username "Factom Protocol" (done)
2. Obtain permission from Factom Inc to post a new thread under the Factom Protocol username (done - contacted Kevin and received permission)
3. Reach out to Ben, the chair of the marketing committee, to see if they would be on board (done - yes)
4. Share login credentials with Ben and a couple others to decentralize control.
5. Determine what should go in the thread and how it should be designed - Please contribute to the Google Doc
6. Create a moderated thread with the content of the post (we should debate moderated versus un-moderated)
7. Have Standing Parties and the community begin to interact in the thread.

The following are threads from other from well-known projects we can draw ideas from:

- Stratis
- Monero
- Dash
- Dogecoin

Please help determine the content of the first (and potentially additional) posts via this Google Doc. Note that I mostly copied info from the stickied Reddit post I've been maintaining. PLEASE improve it!
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I want to consider very carefully the first paragraph or two to ensure that they offer a clear, high-impact message to readers. People tend to have short attention spans, so we need to firmly establish at the outset what makes Factom unique, exciting, and appealing from an investment perspective.

I think you have made a good start on that. At the time of this writing, the first paragraph is:

The Factom Protocol is a distributed data integrity layer that extends blockchain’s immutability and security to any form of data. Its unique design allows for countless applications to be built on it such as the world’s cheapest, most flexible tokenization and smart contract platform.
I think it could be useful to also establish an early basis for an appreciation of the two-token system and how that directly supports token price. That is something unique to Factom, and I know from experience that it is one of its most appealing features. The following (or something like it) could be appended to the above paragraph.

Moreover, Factom leverages a unique two-token system that creates a compelling growth case for investors whilst ensuring predictable costs for enterprise users.
This feeds into something I briefly mentioned on Discord yesterday. I think we need to more clearly define our core message, so that we can attach that message to everything we do. @xavierwjc mentioned that his friend couldn't quite work out what Factom was after a cursory glance at the existing online material. Defining a consistent message that we can plaster absolutely every will help us to deliver clarity to people who are otherwise likely to give up on Factom quickly.

Do we currently have any such message? What will people be met with when they first visit the protocol site, @Julianft? Does the marketing committee have an opinion on this, @BennyJ?

I think we should try to enforce a clear, consistent message across all of our marketing channels.
Hi David,

It is a really good initiative to get more visibility in this space!
I have added some links (Education part) and created a "Current Users of the Factom Protocol" secton with a link + some minor comments.
I leave the english native speakers for commenting the 1st paragraphs which I agree should be as impactful as possible.
Maybe summarising the advantages of the Factom protocol in few words such as:

"The Factom Blockchain Protocol is:
- Organised Data (Create your own chain to easily find your data)
- Cheap (0.001 $/Kb, yes 1/10 c. $)
- Truly Decentralised (with native digital IDs implementation)
- Easily Scalable (as a DPoS protocol, sharding is easy to implement, no need to switch from a PoW model)

These makes Factom the world’s cheapest, most flexible tokenization, smart contract and proof of authenticity platform.

That is everything a Developer or a Business needs in the Blockchain Space and that is why the DHS, FPT, the Bill & Melinda Gates... are using Factom."

That is my proposal but as an egineer, I am really not a pro for anything related to marketing...