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BI Foundation
This is an addition of the FACTOM-GRANT-BIF-004 application for Core Development to provide an additional core developer for Factom development.

The recruitment for GoLang developers took some more time than expected, but now we’re interviewing several qualified candidates for this role. We believe hiring a 3rd developer for core development will greatly benefit the decentralization of the development of the Factom protocol.

Sphereon and BIF are willing to take the additional risk (in case subsequent grant applications would not be granted), to employ an additional developer.

This grant will have a repetitive nature, meaning BIF must continue to deliver and Sphereon takes the risks involved. BIF & Sphereon will do all in its power to make these developers available in the future to any foundation potentially being created for Factom that would take part in core development.

The budget for this grant is 5.000 FCT


Matthias Fortin

Thank you for your proposal.

This is a generic question I ask in each grant thread.
This is currently the 3rd grant round. I consider that one of the very important criterion to select a grant (apart from its potential value) is the capacity of the grantee to deliver in time what it pledged. Therefore past grants can be used as an indicator.

If you did receive grants in previous rounds, could you please fill the following fields? This would increase transparency and help the standing parties to select grants.

- Have you, or one of your partners, previously received grants : Yes/No. If No, then you can stop here :)
- List of grants received : grant X1 from round Y1, grant X2 from round Y2...
- Status for each grant : grant X1/Still ongoing or Completed, grant X2/....
- Description of the work accomplished so far and Links supporting it : Discord Group/Factomize thread/Github/Reports/...
- Description of the residual work to be completed : XXXXXX

Thank you for your cooperation.

Anton Ilzheev

De Facto
Exchange Working Group
Core Committee
Website Committee
@BI Foundation
1. Where is the report/update for the previous grant of 18,500 FCT? How many developers onboarded, who are they, when do they start working? How many FCT of previous grant were spent?
2. Have you converted those 18,500 FCT to fiat to cover expenses on onboarding new developers? If yes, at what rates?

De Facto supports this grants, but I think you should provide the update to community regarding previously received funds and how they were spent.

Matt Osborne

Go Immutable
Exchange Working Group
Legal Working Group
Hi @mboender. We're a huge supporter of getting me core developers into the project and have zero doubt that BIF will higher top-notch core developers. Thanks for leading the charge on this.

However, it's my understanding that neither of the developers from grant round 2 have truly begun working and that one developer still needs to be hired. Please correct me if I am wrong. :) This has raised a few questions in the community in regards to the delay.

In this grant, you write, "We will have the additional developer available to be hired at the start of the grant period and to
work for 2 months during the coming grant period."

Can I interpret that as the third developer will be able to begin work at the start of the grant payout? When will all three developers be hired and begin working?

Thank you

Valentin Ganev

As you know, we deem core development to be of the highest priority for the ecosystem at this point. However, in the spirit of decentralizing it, we also deem it important to have multiple parties participating in the process of onboarding core developers.

Since BIF has already been awarded a grant for onboarding 2 core developers and we plan to strongly support the continuation of that grant, I am afraid we cannot support this proposal, as we want to give other entities a chance to on-board core developers as well.


I would like to reiterate what others have said here. I very much support the prospect of BIF entering core dev. However, I'd really like to see your first two devs get up and running before taking on a third. Therefore, Factoshi will not be supporting this grant.

I encourage you to resubmit this application in future rounds once your initial two developers have established themselves in core development.

Mike Buckingham

Website Committee
Governance Working Group
Hi, Thank you for making this application too.

Again I have the same generic question I asking a number of ANO applicants:

Assuming the grant is funded please break down what will be delivered by this grant proposal funding and what will be delivered by your ANO efficiency set at 35% over the next 3 months?

I also have a similar specific question:

If this grant is funded but the other developer grants you have bid for this round are not funded how will this affect the work in this grant?

Colin Campbell

Federate This
Marketing Working Group
We have a dedicated, motivated set of talented devs in the community - who can work effectively together and push each other on.

Something I'd like to see from all the ANO core dev grants is educational content created for outsiders, and shared lessons to fast track future developers. It will be a hard task at first, but we can create the foundations for expansion later.

The proposed forum to learn together will make these efforts much more productive.
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