Funded [BIF-004] Core Development

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BI Foundation
This is a continuation of the FACTOM-GRANT-BIF-001 for Core Development to provide 2 core developers for Factom development.

Original text from FACTOM-GRANT-BIF-001

Factom got decentralized with Milestone 3 (M3) in April of 2018. Because of legal issues Pull Requests of source code from developers outside of Factom Inc were not allowed until very recently. The core code is currently still highly centralized, with only developers from Factom Inc. We believe the essential infrastructure to foster open-source development in Factom core code is currently lacking and Factom Inc is the sole provider of development resources.

Blockchain Innovation Foundation will deliver 2 core developers for the grant duration, where Sphereon will takes the risks outside of the grant duration as the employees at least require a one-year contract in Dutch market.

This grant has a repetitive nature, meaning BIF must continue to deliver and Sphereon takes the risks involved. BIF & Sphereon will do all in its power to make these developers available in the future to any foundation potentially being created for Factom that would take part in core development.

The recruitment of these developers has taken more time than foreseen, partly due to the holiday period, partly due to market conditions. We have taken this into account in this application. This resulted in a budget of 500 FCT for this continuation grant.


Matthias Fortin

Thank you for your proposal.

This is a generic question I ask in each grant thread.
This is currently the 3rd grant round. I consider that one of the very important criterion to select a grant (apart from its potential value) is the capacity of the grantee to deliver in time what it pledged. Therefore past grants can be used as an indicator.

If you did receive grants in previous rounds, could you please fill the following fields? This would increase transparency and help the standing parties to select grants.

- Have you, or one of your partners, previously received grants : Yes/No. If No, then you can stop here :)
- List of grants received : grant X1 from round Y1, grant X2 from round Y2...
- Status for each grant : grant X1/Still ongoing or Completed, grant X2/....
- Description of the work accomplished so far and Links supporting it : Discord Group/Factomize thread/Github/Reports/...
- Description of the residual work to be completed : XXXXXX

Thank you for your cooperation.

Matthias Fortin

I understand you are transparent in the current application on the amount leftover from the previous grant for the core development. Thank you for that, this is important.
But as proposed in my first post I would like to know about the other grants too.

Miguel Proulx

This grant was at the top our our list last grant round and we will support it this time again.

While decentralization is an important process, we might not support your other core dev initiative as we believe they will overstretch the grant pool spending on that specific issue. We need balance in our spending and having a too high % of recurring core dev is going to restrict our ability to grow our ecosystem.

Valentin Ganev

We will very likely support this grant, as we did last time.

As a side note: are you looking at places outside of the NL to hire these Golang developers? There are good experts available at much lower prices and potentially for shorter periods if you look at Eastern European countries, e.g.

Mike Buckingham

Website Committee
Governance Working Group
Hi and thank you for making your application.

I have a generic question I am asking of most ANO applicants:

Assuming the grant is funded please break down what will be delivered by this grant proposal funding and what will be delivered by your ANO efficiency set at 35% over the next 3 months?

I also have a specific question:

If this grant is funded but the other developer grants you have bid for this round are not funded how will this affect the work in this grant?
@mboender in response to:
@Mike Buckingham
The 35% efficient of the ANO Blockchain Innovation Foundation (BIF) is based on the current exchange rate of FCT/USD, which is according and as published in our original ANO application.
I will be more specific here. We have asked all of the ANOs who are submitting grants to comment on their plans for the next 3 months in terms of pledges with respect to efficiency; and to be specific on what the breakdown will be, especially if there is overlap. In your original ANO application you pledged to do a number of things: for example `Fund projects & products that increase adoption of Factom and Research and development of DLT software'. If you could be kind enough to outline your plans for the period of the grant. Are there any interrelations between the DLT development work described and the core development that the grant is for?


BI Foundation
@Matthias Fortin

I will list both BIF and Sphereon grants in this thread as partners are also being included in this question.

Yes BIF has received grant in the past

Grant round 1, BIF: Java Enterprise Client Library, awarded 1200 FCT, We delivered more than specified against a price that was 1/4th of original grant request. We are maintaining the library and providing support for it (from ANO income).

Grant round 2, BIF: Factom Alfresco Content App, awarded 750 FCT. BIF sponsored ¾ of the total budget for this development from ANO income. The grant is progressing nicely an we should be able to provide the complete open-source end product in roughly a month.

Grant round 2, BIF + Factomatic DIDs on Factom, awarded BIF 4500 FCT, Factomatic 4000. This grant has started later than initially planned because of resource constraints by both parties. This grant mentioned milestones and no specific delivery dates. Having said that both parties have decided to ramp up the available resources for this grant, as both parties feel this solution is vital for future expansion/usage of the protocol. Currently we foresee no problems whatsoever to deliver this grant within the milestone limits set and with the functionality promised.

Grant round 2, BIF+Sphereon, 2 core devs, awarded 18,500 FCT. As explained we have had problems finding good golang developers. This was more of a problem than we expected based on experience with hiring software developers, despite having multiple parties looking for these roles. As this is a grant for direct work being done by developers who will provide insight into their work, we do not provide additional intermediary updates, since the work and transparency should speak for itself. As stated in the application we have 1 core developer and hope to finalize our talks with a second one next week. We have been completely transparent about how the funds for the initial round will be used in the subsequent round, so the total request for that round is minimal. We used excess income because of a higher FCT price in there as well.


BI Foundation

In our original ANO application we shared the budget and plans for BIF. These also included hiring or paying for Factom developer resources (whether for core or other factom development work).
That budget also showed that this would be done at much higher exchange rates.

At the current exchange rate:
  • there we would no budget for development (or much of anything)
  • we would be entitled to drop down to 10% or 20% efficiency
At higher exchange rates
  • we will hire development resources (and other)
  • spend more time and money on promotion
  • we will increase our efficiency
  • we will reserve funds as a provision for lower rates

For the moment
  • we will not drop our efficiency lower
  • we'll continue to promote Factom when and where we can
    like Zurich, DC, Amsterdam, various meetups, (see our ANO reports) and like going to a Deloitte event this evening in 5 min to network and promote Sphereon and Factom
  • we'll continue to develop for factom through grant applications, such as this, while carrying the risk these will not be granted

I hope this this provides the information you were looking for in relation to our pledges as ANO.
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