[BETA] De Facto Enterprise API


Hello everyone!
I'm pleased to announce the beta-launch of De Facto Enterprise API.

De Facto Enterprise API allows you to easily interact with the Factom blockchain.
Enterprise API is a simple RESTful API that allows you to code in the language you know. No crypto tokens & nodes needed — get an API access key and use our endpoints to write/read data on the Factom blockchain.

We designed the Enterprise API user-friendly with minimizing calls to factomd.

Enterprise API features:
  • Queuing
    You can create as many write-calls (creating new chains & entries) as you want — API will put in a queue & write it all on the Factom blockchain in the background

  • ChainID & Entryhash generation
    The ChainID for new chains & entryhashes for new entries are instantly calculated inside API (without factomd / factom-walletd calls), so once you create new chain or entry via API, it instantly responds with new chainID / entryhash & put your task in queue to process it in background.

  • User-friendly POST data
    You can send POST parameters in any convenient way:
    • as form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    • as application/json

  • Integrated input data validation
    API contains Chain & Entry models and validates all input data.
    If you send something wrong, it will respond you with specific error.

  • Entry statuses
    There are 3 stages of processing entries. Current processing stage returned in Entry object.
    • queue — entry received and will be processed soon
    • processing — entry sent to the Factom network and will be included in the next block
    • completed — entry processed and available on the Factom

  • Some user-friendly features:
    • If you try to create new chain that already existed, API just return you this chain so you can continue to work with it (in compare, factomd returns error in this case)
    • If you try to create new entry in not-existed chain, it notifies you about it. (And yes, we also look for this chain into the API queue, so you can easily create new chain via API & in next moment add entries there — all will be processed well).
    • Entry size validation (10 KB max)

API Documentation:
Enterprise API is in Beta right now.
We provide free access to API on the Beta stage.

Feedback is very appreciated, so if you want to try our API — just write here or DM me in Discord, and I give you an API Key for 500 writes on the blockchain (1 write = 1 entry up to 10 KB).

After Beta testing stage, Enterprise API will be provided to our clients & partners (with discounted price) as subscription.
Hope you will like it, thank you for your time :)
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