Tracking [Bedrock Solutions-De Facto-Crypto Logic-The Factoid Authority-4] Factom Open Node Continuity


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Grant Proposal

ANO / Committee
Group: Bedrock Solutions
FCT address: FA2FqYZPfBeRWq7fWSFEhassT5zpMQZm8jwus3yWbzeN3PZPWybm
FCT: 375

Group: De Facto
FCT address: FA2YeMbN8Z1SsT7Yqw6Np85kWwtFVg2CyJKMDFnuXTawWuWPtzvX
FCT: 375

Group: Crypto Logic
FCT address: FA29wMUjN38BVLbJs6dR6gHHdBys2mpo3wy565JCjquUQTGqNZfb
FCT: 188

Group: The Factoid Authority
FCT address: FA2LV4s7LKA9BTgWaJNvcr9Yq8rpiH2XD3vEPY3nwSiNSrnRgkpK
FCT: 188

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
  1. Provide 2 factomd-nodes with API access
  2. Provide cloud load balancer
  3. Monitoring system online
  4. Continuous operations

Timelines and Milestones
Continuous operations for next 3 months – (1 September – 30 November 2019)

The budget for running 1 node remains the same — $250/mo (hosting expenses + maintenance compensation) for TFA & Crypto Logic.
The budget for running cloud load balancer & monitoring system has increased because off:

1. Open Node is processing millions of requests above free tier of CloudFlare:
- Since May 2019 the usage of Open Node is continuously growing.
- In June Open Node processed 25,000,000 requests.
- In July Open Node processed 26,500,000 request.

The free tier of CloudFlare is 500,000 requests per month, all requests above free tier are charged additionally by CF.

2. We are deploying 3 additional production servers for decentralized monitoring, that is being developed now.

3. We start officially supporting — a testnet load balancer for factomd. The expenses here is not big (cause we pay only to CF for load balancer, and factomd testnet nodes are provided for free), but they still exists.

Considering extra costs and more efforts to maintain and monitor more balancers & servers, we decided to increase monthly budget from $250 to $500 for Bedrock Solutions & De Facto.