Unawarded [BEDROCK-DEFACTO-001] Factom Open Node Enhancement

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David Kuiper

Bedrock Solutions
This grant proposal is for enhancing the Factom Open Node systems.

The goals and objectives for this project are as follows:
- Improve Open Node monitoring system
- Improve Open Node health/stall check system
- Increase the stability & redundancy of Open Node

As required by document 153 that governs Factom grant round 2019-01: This is the thread for grant proposal BEDROCK-DEFACTO-001.
The review process starts at 2019-01-31 00:00, so please refrain from starting public review or questions before that time. If you notice clear errors in the proposal you can contact the author of the grant proposal directly

Edit: Added waiver section to proposal.


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Matthias Fortin

Thank you for your proposal.

This is a generic question I ask in each grant thread.
This is currently the 3rd grant round. I consider that one of the very important criterion to select a grant (apart from its potential value) is the capacity of the grantee to deliver in time what it pledged. Therefore past grants can be used as an indicator.

If you did receive grants in previous rounds, could you please fill the following fields? This would increase transparency and help the standing parties to select grants.

- Have you, or one of your partners, previously received grants : Yes/No. If No, then you can stop here :)
- List of grants received : grant X1 from round Y1, grant X2 from round Y2...
- Status for each grant : grant X1/Still ongoing or Completed, grant X2/....
- Description of the work accomplished so far and Links supporting it : Discord Group/Factomize thread/Github/Reports/...
- Description of the residual work to be completed : XXXXXX

Thank you for your cooperation.

David Kuiper

Bedrock Solutions
Hi @Matthias Fortin, thank you for the question. I'll respond for Bedrock Solutions. I'm happy to go into more detail if requested. Thanks!

Grant: Factom On-chain Voting from round 1.
Status: Ongoing - behind schedule.
Completed Work: Milestones 1-5 are finished. Please refer to this grant update thread by our sponsor:
Residual Work to be completed: We are in the final testing phase on the on-chain voting protocol. Once testing is complete, we will release the application to mainnet along with the final report.
Note: I (David) am working on this grant, but it isn't technically a Bedrock Solutions grant because it was awarded before we were an ANO.

Grant: Factom Courtesy Node System from round 2.
Status: Completed. The Open node service is available.
Completed Work: Factom Open Node architecture has been designed and implemented. Please refer to the grant update thread for more information: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/factom-open-node-courtesy-node-grant.1378/
Residual Work to be completed: None

Grant: Ledger Nano S Factom Identity from round 2
Status: Ongoing - on track to complete grant as scheduled.
Completed Work: Milestones 1 and 2 are complete. Please refer to the grant update thread by our sponsor: https://factomize.com/forums/threads/factom-identity-on-ledger-nano-s-grant-updates.1360/
Residual Work to be completed: Milestone 3 "Integration w/ MFW released to testnet”, milestone 4 "Release update to ledger for review", and milestone 5 "Integration w/ MFW released to mainnet".

David Chapman

I really like the Open Node and feel it's going to be critical infrastructure that even more infrastructure will utilize in the future. I've been talking to Jay from Bedrock and I am really excited about his vision of what can be built on top of the Open Node. Ideas that can be really big for the protocol and solidify its place as one of the few surviving blockchain protocols of the future.

Factomize supports this grant BUT we don't feel it needs a sponsor. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this grant is not that large in scope or overly complicated where the developers can't provide simple updates as they go along. Let's save the ecosystem 100 FCT. It's definitely not a game changer for us, we're voting for this grant either way, but we thought we'd make the suggestion.
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Jay Cheroske

Bedrock Solutions
We are estimating 80 hours of work for each ANO. At $6/FCT, that's $3600 per ANO, or a $45 hourly rate. We broke it down like so:

Development: 53 hours
Testing: 13 hours
Deployment: 14 hours

We are going to be building a consensus-based monitoring system. Odds are that it will take more time than we estimated, because that's just the nature of these things. Our final hourly rates will therefore end up being lower.

Paul Bernier

Core Committee
Core Developer
What does "building a consensus-based monitoring system" entail exactly? Are you going to invent and implement your own consensus algorithm? Are you going to leverage some existing software?

Jay Cheroske

Bedrock Solutions
Hi, Paul,

I did some preliminary research the other day (prior to writing my previous comment) thinking that the problem we were trying to solve had already been solved. I wanted to see if there was an off-the-shelf consensus library. I quick search turned up https://raft.github.io, which looked promising. As I read further, I realized that etcd contains an implementation of raft (https://github.com/etcd-io/etcd/tree/master/raft). At this point, I'm thinking we can bring up an etcd cluster and use that as a data bus that connects the monitoring nodes. Since etcd keys can also have a TTL associated with them, I think we have all the pieces necessary to build a lightweight monitoring system. Etcd, along with the monitoring code, will be dockerized and most likely deployed in Kubernetes.

Anton Ilzheev

De Facto
Exchange Working Group
Core Committee
Website Committee
@David Chapman @Paul Bernier
We used a "Sponsor" term incorrectly in our grant proposal.
I agree that this grant doesn't need a sponsor.

We asked @CryptoLogic to join this project as a tester with compensation of 100 FCT.
The tester will:
1) provide additional node for testing purposes
2) help us with testing of enhanced monitoring

After that update for Open Node will be developed, tested and deployed on main pool, the additional node provided by tester will be added to the main Open Node’s pool too as a permanent working node, increasing pool’s capability.

I have updated our grant proposal to reflect this.
It's attached to this post.


Mike Buckingham

Website Committee
Governance Working Group
Hi David, Thank you for making this application. Assuming the grant is funded please break down what will be delivered by this grant proposal funding and what will be delivered by Defacto ANO efficiency set at 35% over the next 3 months?
@Anton Ilzheev to confirm similarly to the other thread that the difference here is:

1. We seek for a grant to develop the Factom Node Enhancement
  • Improve Open Node monitoring system
  • Improve Open Node health/stall check system
  • Increase the stability & redundancy of Open Node
2. We are operating with initially pledged 35% efficiency, providing additional value to the protocol.
Right now we have in the pipeline: WatchTower project (recently announced it, see infographics above), negotiations and onboarding 2nd client and some activities in private, which I can not reveal right now.
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