Grant Discussion Automated Grant System Directions and Feedback

This upcoming grant round marks our first use of the Automated Grant System which was created as a result of a community grant. At present, the system handles up until the end of the vote and scoring. Grant tracking will be patched in later.

Feedback and Bug Reports

If you experience any bugs or have any feedback, please reply to this thread. We want to improve the system over time and to ensure it is intuitive, user friendly, and fulfills the needs of the ecosystem.


If you have any questions on how to use the Automated Grant System, please use this thread as well.


The entry point for the Automated Grant System is the "Grants" dropdown menu at the top of the screen which takes you here. On that page, you will find general information prior to the grant round opening and then the application button once the application period starts.

Applying for a Grant

Anyone that is a member of this forum may apply for a grant once the grant round opens.

1. Make sure that anyone or any company on your team that will be receiving FCT has a forum account.

2. DO NOT add [ANO Name-1] or [Username-3] to your title. The system will do that for you.

3. You may create grants for others when pertinent, the system handles it fine.

Submitted Grants

4. When you submit a grant, you, people and entities listed in the grant, Guides, and Factomize Admin will be able to see the content of your grant prior to the Q/A starting. Everyone else will only be able to see the thread title. Factomize Admin need access to monitor for bugs. We hope to remove our access in future grant rounds.

5. You may edit your grant as many times as you want prior to the vote starting. Once the Q/A starts, Chappie (the Factomize bot) will reply to the thread anytime an edit is made.

Question and Answer Period

6. Anyone on the grant team including every member of an ANO or Committee will be able to respond to questions, including after the question period ends and only answers are accepted.

7. Anyone on the grant team will be able to withdraw their grant by going to the dropdown menu at the top right of the grant thread.

8. Guides will be charged with determining which grants should be "Excluded from Voting". These are the grants such as "Guide Pay" that are automatically funded unless they are unapproved.


9. Only Standing Parties (Guides and Authority Node Operators) may vote.

10. Standing Parties will be able to vote from within the threads or here. The voting system is a drag and drop ranking that is mirrored across your entire ANO. Anyone from your ANO can drag and drop and if they hit save, it changes for each team member. A log of who voted, when, and how is kept.


11. If there is a tie in scoring, the grant that is submitted first will be ranked higher.

12. If a grant such as Guide Pay is excluded from voting, it will be ranked first and automatically scored a 1 by all Standing Parties. If a second grant is excluded from voting, it will be ranked second and automatically scored a 2 by all Standing Parties. It is still possible for Standing Parties to not approve such a grant in which case it will not be funded.

13. If two grants are excluded from voting, the top ranked grant by your team will be scored a 3, the next a 4, and so on.

14. If you abstain from a vote, it doesn't matter where you ranked it, your vote will not count.

15. If you unapprove a grant, where you rank it DOES matter. 60% of Standing Parties must approve a grant for it to be funded no matter where it's ranked.

Final Results

16. Upon the vote closing, results will immediately be published here. There will be a "Vote Audit Log" where anyone can manually audit the scores. Please take note of how to score the grants manually based upon the scoring mechanism outlined above.

A Special Thank You To Our Testers

We wanted to take a second to thank our beta testers who made great suggestions and found some good bugs. Thank you @Tor Paulsen, @CryptoLogic, @ElectroChemical, @David Kuiper, @Alex, @Saul Schwartzbach, @AroundTheBox, @Paul Bernier, @AllHandsOnDeck @Steven Masley, @Nolan Bauer, @Niels Klomp, ad @Brian Deery -- If I missed someone, please contact me privately and I'll add you (sorry).

We look forward to feedback and improving this system over time.

Thank you!
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Would be cool to have auto-filling for previous grants or simplifying the form.

Option 1

1. You fill the latest grant (with the highest sequence number)
2. A button “Copy previous grants from this grant” appeared — you push it and list of “Previous grants” is taken from the grant and auto-filled into form.

Option 2

You just choose the sequence number by yourself and the list of grants (with grantees participated) is shown on the grant page automatically.

Of course, it’s only possible for grants applied since GR 2019-3 (in new Automated Grant System), but I think it’s fine.
@David Chapman Is it possible to get a summary of the all the grant proposals at the top of the grand forum, just so there is a one stop shop to get an overview of the status? As a suggestion, I'd love to see:
1) Available Funds from the Grant Pool
2) Total Funds requested from all grants
3) A graphic (pie chart maybe? or an inch worm bar with segments based on grant size) showing the size of individual grants requested. Where maybe you could click on a 'slice' or 'segment' and it would take you to the grant proposal.

I think this would help me (and others) organize in my head the specific grants available and inform me how I should be voting on each grant given the pool size and how much an individual grant takes up of the pool.
You see this within each thread, right @Michael Lam ?

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 9.06.49 AM.png

That view should also be available to you here. which can be reached via the "Grants" dropdown menu.

Note that once the voting period starts, you will be able to drag and drop the grants and all those numbers will update so you can see what changes bring grants in and out of funding. In hindsight, I should have designed that to be active starting with the Q/A and that change will be made for the next grant round.

If that's not what you're looking for, can you elaborate please?
Thanks for this! I have a few feedbacks:

1. Can we have a seperate Save (locally) and Submit button?
2. Can we move the voting of the current grants into the main Grants tab?
3. and display links to previous grants/tracking on View Grant Rounds section
1. Yep, that's planned.

2/3. You're basically wanting to save yourself a click, correct? I think it's important to have the main tab be informational but what if we added a second link to the dropdown menu of, "Current Grant Round" ? So instead of:

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 12.20.26 PM.png

Have "Current Grant Round" and "All Grant Rounds"
Since we abolished cut-off grants, there is no distinction between a grant that is partially outside the money and a grant that is entirely outside the money. I suggest we change the colour coding system on the voting table so that any grant which is partially outside the money is orange along with its rejected brethren.

The motivation behind this change is to communicate clearly to the voter that rating a grant in this position is equivalent to rejecting it. The fact that it straddles the divide between funded and not funded has no impact on the result, yet the current colour-coding makes it appear as though it might.
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I liked the system overall.

My two bits of feedback are:

1) bug with the grant order resetting sporadically upon dropping a grant at a new location.

2) We could make it crystal clear to users that ‘Save’ vote is as good as voting. Although it comes up with a confirmation message above at time of saving, it would be nice if your registered vote confirmation was written next to the ‘save’ button too for future peace of mind, instead of only seeing the same ‘save’ button as before you voted.