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Factomize Bot
This is your grant tracking thread. Below, you will find information from your original grant.

Grant Proposal

Team Member or Entity Forum Username
User: AroundTheBox
FCT address: FA28qK3QjFEupwjmY3qvM1CdNCrik33my8fdmxJwj1ea5iKCnbXF
FCT: 680

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
The grant should be considered a success if the add-in is released as specified before November.

Timelines and Milestones
Work for this grant would go from September 1st through October 30th, averaging an hour a day. Although the deliverable is straightforward, development would proceed with the following steps:

1. Excel interaction with API, writing arbitrary data to the Factom testnet.
2. Get add-in installation package funcationality.
3. Features and funtionality, like adding the control tab, hashing of data, etc.

If I cannot complete the project on time I would continue development through November unpaid. If I complete before 60 hours are finished I'll continue to add features and potentially integration with other Microsoft Office products.

The budget is $2,400 for 60 days with an average of 1 hour a day of development at $40 per hour and the August 4th FCT price of $3.50.

The hourly rate is lower than the typical development cost to reflect the fact that I am not a full time software developer and that I don't yet have a track history with Factom.


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Today is your grant start date! We look forward to regular updates from your team.

When you are ready for the final determination poll, first summarize the grant and self score then go to the thread tools dropdown at the top right and select "Create Final Determination Poll".
My new estimate is to complete the Excel Add-In by December 31st. This is significantly longer than my first estimate because of a combination of other obligations leaving me with less time to devote to it than I had anticipated and because the project is a bit larger scope than I had first thought.

As I mentioned in the grant I will cover any additional development time beyond the original estimate myself. In any case I apologize for the delay.


Factomize Bot
@AroundTheBox, your specified completion date has now passed. Will you please update us on the status of your grant?

If it is completed, please first summarize the grant and self score then go to the thread tools dropdown at the top right and select "Create Final Determination Poll".


Factomize Bot
@AroundTheBox, it has now been 30 days since your grant was to have been completed. Will you please update us on the status of your grant?

If it is completed, please first summarize the grant and self score then go to the thread tools dropdown at the top right and select "Create Final Determination Poll".
I won't have the Excel tool completed by EOY. The honest reason is that to this point I haven't dedicated the time to it that I need to, so I apologize to the community. I expect to have available time in January to focus on development and will put significant time in the coming weeks. While I'll work to complete this as soon as possible, in the worst case I'll put it up for a determination vote at the end of February at whatever state it's in so the grant doesn't drag on.
I've been unable to put in the time needed for this grant so far and don't want to drag it out and longer. I think the fairest course of action is to return the 680 FCT and then close the grant with a failed determination vote. I still hope to work on the tool, but I don't want to keep any payment without being sure I can provide value in a reasonable timeframe. If / when I do finish the tool I may apply for a backpay grant for the 680 FCT, but I understand it would be up to the standing parties to decide what's fair at that point.

Unfortunately there's no way to directly return funds to the grant pool address. After consulting with a few community members, I'm told the two best options for effectively returning funds are:
  1. Donating to the Core Committee (these funds would be used for bug bounties).
  2. Donating to the Exchange Committee.
I don't think there's enough at stake here to create a poll, but please let me know if you have a strong preference for option 1 or 2.
Although I'm sad your project hasn't become a reality but I appreciate your honesty and integrity in deciding to return the grant funds. I hope you're able to get the idea off the ground sometime in the future as I feel it would still be a worthwhile tool :)

Personally I would prefer to see the funds go towards the exchange committee, purely because I feel we need all the money we can find to get FCT listed top tier exchanges.
Thanks for returning the FCT. The funds should simply be indirectly added to the grant pool and disbursed in line with the next vote.

It’s not really ok to pass the funds on to whoever you choose but I appreciate the good intentions behind it.
There is no formal way these funds can be returned to the grant pool under current governance, and technically it is not feasible either. Personally I would like to see the standing parties being able to vote on which committee to return the funds to (so the standing parties formally decide), but then again both bug bounties and exchange listings are good causes. I support the action of returning it to either committees.
Based on feedback, I set up a poll to allow standing parties to decide where to return funds here: This assumes there is no reasonable way to return the funds directly to the grant pool.

I'll now close out this grant by setting up a determination vote. Thanks and good luck with your projects!

EDIT: To make it official and for compliance with Doc 106 I should include a self score. I think grants should be scored on the deliverables against the goals of the grant itself and not take into account other circumstances or contributions, so in that context this grant should get a 0.
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The final determination poll has been created, and will be open for 5 days. Use the following rubrik when scoring:

Exceptional (9.0 - 10.0) - Successful
Overachieved (7.0 - 8.9) - Successful
Achieved (5.0 - 6.9) - Successful
Underachieved (2.0 - 4.9) - Failure
Total Failure (0.0 - 1.9) - Failure


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The final determination poll has now closed. The final score is 0.14, with 22 total counted votes. The grant has been determined to be a failure.