ANO Removal Process - Working Group Update

I've decided to start a new thread so that the ANO Pledge/ANO Removal tracking working group can provide updates to the community. The community has had some spirited discussions in another thread, which is great, as it shows how passionate ANOs are about the protocol. Our biggest enemy is apathy. That does not seem to have been our problem lately :)

Context For Anyone New Reading This:
  • A Working Group was formed around 6 weeks ago with the goal of providing a framework for the ANO Removal Process and tracking of the ANO Pledges. We will work towards defining the ANO Removal process. Once we feel comfortable with this process, we will provide it to the broader ANO community as a suggested process. The broader ANO community can then critique the process. As we all know, the broader ANO community as well as the Guides will need to ratify any changes to the Governance. Therefore, if the broader community is not happy with the suggested process, then it's back to the drawing board for the working group, with the ANO community's suggestions in hand.
  • This working group has nine members, some of these members are also on the Legal Research Working Group and are executing the legal grant
  • The working group has had a lot of great dialogue to date and has dug pretty deep into potential processes. We begun to realize that some of these processes may or may not be a concern from a legal standpoint
  • At that point, in order to be efficient with our time (there's already enough on everyone's plate to begin with), we paused our conversations until we would be able to get consultation from legal. This consultation was dependent on the legal grant being paid out, which took longer than expected.
  • During this "pause" period, Matt combed through all the PDFs, Google form submissions, and message board answers of all ANOs from the Round 1 application period. He collected every ANO's campaign pledges. These pledges will be made public in the near future once the exact process has been ironed out (pledges are a delicate matter, we wan't to avoid community turmoil as much as possible)
  • The legal grant was finally paid out the afternoon of Monday, Aug 13th.
  • As promised by the Legal Research Working Group, one of the groups's top priorities was getting clarity on the ANO Removal Process. Therefore, we submitted a request to legal to provide consultation regarding this issue on August 14th.
  • We heard back today (Aug 15th)
Legal's Guidance Regarding ANO Removal

"This is an informal response to the question regarding the removal of guides and ANOs - The starting point is to make sure the removal or decision-making process is not centralized. Then we should consider and evaluate the voting rights of the various roles in the community. This is not only related to the removal procedure, but also other decision-making procedures in the governance document. It's important to have non-ANOs standing parties' meaningful and realistic participation in the community governance to avoid the ANOs running an unincorporated organization/enterprise."

The Working Group will take the above guidance into account and continue to work with the Legal Research Working Group to make sure that the ANO Removal process does not bring into play centralization concerns, which most likely means it won't be just ANOs voting on ANO removal (TBD though). The Working Group can once again move forward and will continue to provide updates.

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