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Per Doc 004 - Factom Protocol Community Website Governance, this thread is for Authority Node Operators to announce their candidacy for the website committee. Only one candidate will be elected.

If your ANO is interested in having a representative on the committee, please have them respond to this thread with their knowledge, experience, and what they would bring to the committee. This thread is only to announce one's candidacy, NOT for asking questions. That will start on the 22nd.

This thread will be open for 72 hours.
Hello everyone!

I have 10+ years of webdev experience.
I'm a full-stack developer (backend+frontend) with good UX/UI skills (in my humble opinion :) )

1. From 2008 till 2015 I have been running the web-dev company.

We developed about 20-30 different type websites:
— Online stores (with online payment gateways, automation modules, integrations with accounting software and etc.)
— Landing pages
— Corporate websites
— Community portals
— Bulletin board for real estate

2. Since 2015 till 2018 we were working on the Instashow — a web service for organizing realtime Instagram slideshows for events and corporate (HoReCa) clients.

The service is built on Yii2 framework with a lot of cool stuff underhood:
— Multi-thread Instagram GraphQL API parsing
— Adaptive website & slideshow layouts
— Slideshow constructor, based on JSON configuration tree (so you can easily tune every option)
— Telegram integration (a Telegram bot for clients to moderate new photos appeared by hashtag)
— Android TV integration
— YouTube integration

3. Since 2018 I am working for the benefit of the Factom protocol.
I released some web-based projects within this year: (btw, new version coming soon ;) )
— Factom Robot (
— Entry Credit Stores ( /
— De Facto website (
— Factom Enterprise API Landing page (

So, I would like to join website development team.
I like to do things and then improve what I've done (if it's needed), instead of endlessly talking about how we will do things.
I hope website development team will support this approach and we will improve the website pretty fast.
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