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  1. Julian Fletcher-Taylor

    Process Discussion Authority Node Operator Selection After Action Report

    ...all of those grants and still easily conceptualize all that they are voting for and where protocol money goes? Things like maybe integrating tags for what type of grant it is and creating a nice visualization tool to understand how much protocol inflation is going toward what types of tasks?
  2. Miguel Proulx

    Factom Protocol / West Virginia University Partnership

    ...progress with this entity and thanks for opening up this discussion. The 100 000$ figure right now represent about 2.5% of the remaining inflation of the grant pool. If the price was to fall to 4$ again, this would be over 5%, for 1 item only. By onboarding new ANOs this could represent an...
  3. L

    Thoughts on ANO role and standards

    ...Coinbase anytime soon. They would be 1000x times highers if we can get Coinbase to see the value of the Protocol and of running a node. The inflation dispersed is the whole game. -2- Binance as an ANO, being part of the companies receiving the FCT inflation would also do absolute wonders...
  4. L

    Thoughts on ANO role and standards

    ...value to the protocol. It's about incentivization, nothing else. Imagine Coinbase as an ANO. This would be adding value to the protocol 10-20 years from now with connections, clients, marketing, promotion, etc... It's not "grants" that will incentivize them but ownership and getting the...
  5. Tor Paulsen

    Calculating available FCT in grant pool

    Thanks for the response @Brian Deery. Can you also provide the exact number of FCT in the pool set aside (bug bounty etc)? I have actually changed my mind slightly and would like to support using a factor of 0.9 to maximize the FCT made available to the community. As you mentioned now, if we...
  6. Brian Deery

    Calculating available FCT in grant pool

    The main rule that would break the protocol is if the outstanding coins were more than the inflation schedule. I think everyone agrees on that. I don't really see this as a legal issue but rather how we transition into an automated system, and the risk associated with things going wrong if...
  7. TroyWiipongwii


    ...For question 2, the answer is we are more than comfortable sharing our expenses with the community as they directly relate to the inflation income through Factom because it is the community's money. We are also open to exploring with the community where the line should be drawn between...
  8. Tor Paulsen

    The 42ND Factoid AS (LTD) severe and have unintended negative consequences. An unlikely example: What happens if the standing parties decide to change the monthly inflation from 73k Factoids to 1 million? Or... To zero? So far I believe the ratification of new documents and amendments of Doc 001 to version 1.4 (I...
  9. David Chapman

    Ratified Doc 001 - Factom Governance Document (1.4)

    Section 5 1. 5.1.1 to (removing last sentence) 2. 5.3 - there's a ton of white space between 5.2.2 and 5.3 for some reason. Remove that. Done :)
  10. L

    Process Discussion Should we create a Research Group to build out an approach for inter-ANO review?

    Nic, that's a great initiative! I'm assuming it's an ANO only vote because all other standing parties would definitely be for that? Let's say the vote is No? Doesn't this make more sense to be voted on by the community and people buying up all the inflation?
  11. ChrisJ555

    Community Moderation Overhaul

    ...Identity, Add contacts for sending Factom too or different values using FAT tokens (or stablecoin values, though potential unbounded inflation scares me but that's a different issue) But having a forum and chat available on it too. Also as an aside - thank you David Chapman for your part in...
  12. Miguel Proulx

    Grant Round Improvements Discussion

    ...and socially enforcing grantees to deliver 100k worth of work when they only got 20k is going to be infeasible. In order to mitigate the selling pressure we might also want to consider releasing the grants in a more fluid manner just like the inflation is handled. Could this be done every...
  13. David Chapman

    Reddit Info Thread and Bitcointalk Code Dumps

    ...further the Protocol, they can be removed. In return for their services, these companies split 73,000 FCT per month which provides a minor inflation for the protocol. This inflation is reduced by usage of the Protocol as, in order to enter data into Protocol, you have to burn FCT for Entry...
  14. Factom Reddit Bot

    Thought on FCT inflation vs BTC/ETH inflation

    I'm interested in your opinions on my thoughts about FCT inflation. In BTC and ETH, newly created coins/ether are distributed amongst miners and as we know in most cases are immediately dumped in order to cover their expenses. In Factom model, FCT goes to 65 ANOs/companies eventually(26...
  15. Brian Deery

    Expanding the Factom Standing Parties a centralized entity and that is something we need to avoid. @Purpelado `In my opinion, while the only beneficiaries of Factom's inflation are the ANOs` Don't forget all the people who are relying on grants to do work. Software development is not cheap. That is paid out of the grant...
  16. Benjamin Dufty

    The Factoid Authority's pledge status as of Q3 2018 date (last day, last 7 days, last month, custom range) Public explorer API enabling anyone to query Factom blockchain data Factoid Inflation dashboard displays: Average efficiency Authority node Count Federated servers Audit servers Factoids generated (per coinbase transaction) to...
  17. David Chapman

    Suggestions for improvements to the new Bitcointalk Thread

    ...further the Protocol, they can be removed. In return for their services, these companies split 73,000 FCT per month which provides a minor inflation for the protocol. This inflation is reduced by usage of the Protocol as, in order to enter data into Protocol, you have to burn FCT for Entry...
  18. Miguel Proulx

    Expanding the Factom Standing Parties

    ...The community and the EC users are very important to the ecosystem. ANOs have been deciding which project they want their share of the inflation given to but in the end the community and the EC users are the people buying up that inflation. If these economic actors are not there to buy up our...
  19. P

    Discussion about Factoid inflation

    ...the blockchain of FACTOM, as we all wish, will burn more Factoids than those issued by the need for Ecredits for insertions of our users, inflation, as I understand it is perceived in general, would skyrocket, that a fixed amount issued (73000) would result in a higher inflationary ratio...
  20. PaulSnow

    Expanding the Factom Standing Parties

    I created the thread you need.