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  1. Miguel Proulx

    Discussion about Factoid inflation

    ...big uptake and month on month growth, the premium would sky rocket way over the book value and as David pointed out, each Factoid burnt would flood the market with massive EC created. I personally have a hard time imaging a scenario where we would have deflation for a sustained period of time.
  2. David Chapman

    Discussion about Factoid inflation

    I don't believe we will ever have a period of sustained deflation. Remember, the price of EC are $.001 so the higher the value of FCT, the more EC you get. If FCT are $1.00 and you burn it, you get 1,000 EC. If FCT are $10 and you burn one, you get 10,000 EC. If FCT are $100 and you burn...
  3. P

    Expanding the Factom Standing Parties

    ...agree. (I start from the premise that the Factoids converted to Ecredits, are queried - if I'm wrong, I appreciate a correction -). In this deflationary scenario, in fact, the monthly emission of Factoids would not only be no more than 10% of the supply at that time ... but the more the...
  4. Factom Reddit Bot

    Got lost on Discord - EC query

    ...$10K. Presumably, if no speculation premium is applied and the market doesn’t value this theoretical ‘floor’, you could enter the realm of deflation? For example, with the volume figures quoted in mind, if the FCT price was $1K, the monthly deflation would be 657K FCT. I guess the system...