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    Amendment Doc 107 - Factom Grant Process

    Great work David. Of course, I continue to not like closing discussion threads until the whole process is complete, but I'll not bother beating that dead horse here. Otherwise, a couple small comments, but really, great job.
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    Grant Update [Factom, Inc.]-014 Anchor Master

    We are currently anchoring into Ethereum. We have a post on the topic in prep.
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    Grant Update [Factom, Inc.]-013 Oracle Master

    Description Exchange rates for FCT to Entry Credits are important in order to maintain a target price for entry credits of 1/10 of a cent. As determined by the Standing Parties and the Authority Set, the Oracle Master will record into Factom relevant market information to establish the trading...
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    Grant Update [Factom, Inc.]-014 Anchor Master

    Description The Anchor Master is in charge of ensuring anchors are written in a timely way to the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. This grant covers the cost of developing and maintaining anchoring code, deploying and maintaining the anchoring code on to servers, and monitoring the software...
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    Media Pack Update for Newly elected ANOs

    Sorry for the slow reply. I'll try and get this done.
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    Guide Pay: June 2019

    I like the current amount, think the guides have done an amazing job, and I'd like to support them in any way I can.
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    Factom Inc and Communication

    I started to write a long response, but in reality (while I might quibble on a point or two) most of what you are suggesting is good, and we should take action on those suggestions. I might also suggest that the community take up so many of these opportunities and run with them as well. For...
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    Factom Inc and Communication

    I think we can get so busy working on code and working to address concerns that we don't respond quickly to these kinds of food suggestions. I agree that our public communication has been too sparce on AMAs, chats and such. And I believe the token value is critical to our ecosystem. I'll...
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    Approved Grant [DBGrow-004] FAT Development 3

    I am looking forward to contributing where I can to the development of the FAT protocol on Factom. It is one of my dreams.
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    Approved Grant [Factomize-004] Core Development

    Who has done fantastic work. And the one thing this ecosystem needs is developers like @Who . (Why do I keep thinking there must be a baseball team in this discussion?)
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    Withdrawn Proposal [BEDROCK-DEFACTO-002] Factom Identity FIP and Open API Integration

    Even if you withdraw this grant, please let us keep the communication going about Factom based Digital Identity with your team.
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    Approved Grant [TFA-002] FAT-Integration in TFA-Explorer

    FAT integration is likely very huge. I'm not sure if there is anything out there that might compare to what we can do with FAT and an Explorer with FAT support. I looked at Etherscan, and it does a bit for looking at ERC20 tokens, but it isn't as intuitive as it could be.
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    Approved Grant [TFA-001] FAT Firmware Upgrade for Ledger Nano X/S

    I think this grant is pretty exciting!
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    Approved Grant [BIF-Factomatic-003] Verifiable Credentials FIP

    Identity and tokenization isn't by any means settled. Look at the specs and try and find how identities are issued and keys are rotated. Or with tokenization, how tokens and securities are issued, documented, managed. The world remains pretty fresh. Working together we can make a mark, but...