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    Consensus Networks Q4 2019 Report

    Primary Overall: It has been great to see all of the developments made on PegNet and other projects throughout the ecosystem within the last few months and some congratulations are in order for everyone across the community who has been contributing to these efforts. As 2019 comes to a close...
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    Funded [AroundTheBox-1] Develop Free Excel Add-In

    Great Idea! Excited to see something like this that could be easily plugged in to something so widely used at the enterprise level. You mentioned that if you finish early you would start looking at integration with other Microsoft Products, as someone who has developed Windows/Microsoft based...
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    Consensus Networks

    Hey Nick, here is a tentative timeline for where we are at on the Factom-Twitter Project. We have the backend functionality working currently and are refining from the frontend as we speak, but here is where we are at and a projected timeline for our development plans in the future.