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    BIF moves to infra

    I’m not currently involved in the video project, but can happily jump in and finish it off if needed.
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    BIF moves to infra

    I think there's been a build up of miscommunication here. And things are way too heated for the actual situation; I urge people to take some time away from this conversation. There's not a huge change happening here - just making the difference between BIF and Sphereon clearer. Firstly, Dundee...
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    Tracking [Who-6] Core and General Development

    Thanks for the update. The last round was particularly crowded due to several one-off grants. Hopefully, next round can see us grab Who's full time, as there are many areas that need his attention.
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    Merge the success determination of the current Factom Inc. Development grant with the next grant

    We’re very understanding of the current situation Paul. It’ll be perfectly fine to delay the delivery of this grant, and ignore the default Chappie notifications until you have managed to allocate enough resources to deem this a success. Don’t sweat it. The last thing we want is to add...
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    BlockVenture Initiatives & Efficiency Drop

    Very happy to support this initiative. There are teams on 10% openly taking the piss just to make a point. Let’s start with those before judging others. Looking forward to the new podcast that Blockventure have just announced.
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    Marketing WG Grant

    In accordance with the Marketing WG grant, our efficiency will shortly change to 20% for the duration of the work.
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    Withdrawn [Federate This-2] Marketing WG

    1. If the grant is awarded I will lower my efficiency rather than add to the ask, to protect the grant pool today and it's proposed exchange listing. This is $1,000 a month for perspective. 2. If the grant is not awarded, I will hand over the Marketing WG duties and keep my efficiency at 50%.
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    Withdrawn [Federate This-2] Marketing WG

    Hi Mike 1. All the content will be open-sourced, and made available to anyone who wants to use it to promote Factom. (if that's your question?) 2. Yes it's not ideal. However, that outcome is not in my control; I am in contact with the current owners. 3. Yes, and i've posted my thoughts in...
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    Withdrawn [Federate This-2] Marketing WG

    1. Yes, that'd be optimal if there was a Website WG or Committee established. 2. 10% organic growth month on month is not too bad. This is organic growth, through persistence and effort. Engagements can be used instead, but are more often a measure of click-bait, rather than successful...
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    Withdrawn [Federate This-2] Marketing WG

    Hi Hinamatsuri There has been some spending since last June, so it's not quite at 3.1 BTC. These were voted on internally and distributed by the committee. For example, I got a small amount towards PegNet style guide/designs etc. There is also the Rebrand leftovers, at ~$13k according to the...
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    2020.2 Grant Pool Valuation

    Thanks for taking charge of this Nolan
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    Unawarded [Colin Campbell-1] FIP 2 - Distributed network restart

    That's great - it's all about getting people thinking and the movement started.
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    Unawarded [Colin Campbell-1] FIP - ETH Gateway

    So just to update the discussion so far: The bounty is to incentivise a FAT/FCT <> ETH bridge WG by putting aside funds for it and a vote of support from the community. Knowing that's in place instigates collaboration on what would be a major project. Kompendium has proposed a FAT bridge and...
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    Strategic Restart Proposal

    Here’s another thought towards strengthening our ranks. Instead of 27 two-man teams, we combine to be 11 5-man teams. Each of those 5 man teams can replace those not pulling their weight. But we all start with the same clean slate. No ones booted out. And each of those teams has the mission...
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    Strategic Restart Proposal

    I'd love to have Government projects running on Factom mainnet - and be the "blockchain of Gov". But I think we should be realistic on who is running nodes here. Government Vision While Gov is interested in exploring the technology, they will want absolute control over the implementation...