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    Grant Update [TFA-001] - FAT Firmware Upgrade for Ledger Nano X/S

    Update - We have decided to swap M1 with M2, so that Luap will have updated JS libraries to integrate. M1 was originally due for last week (week 5), but we are aiming to have M2 instead delivered by end of week 6.
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    The Factoid Authority's pledge status as of Q2 2019 - Jul 08, 2019

    ----------------------------------- ORIGINAL PLEDGES START ----------------------------------- -DEVELOPMENT --Develop Factom Block Explorer with advanced features The TFA explorer has been released at as pledged. Additional to the original pledge, we have...
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    Crowd Support Thank you for your perseverance and the detailed update :)
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    Crowd Support

    Same applies to our offer @damo and co. Cheers
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    Factom Protocol / West Virginia University Partnership

    TFA supports this initiative. Having a top university partnering with Factom is a very exciting prospect, especially if there’s a good chance it leads to introducing Factom into their curriculum and the possibility of a university managed ANO. These opportunities are too important to turn down...
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    TFA will lower our efficiency by 10% for a new efficiency of 25% starting immediately. Since being on boarded as an ANO a year ago we have reviewed our efficiency every quarter, but until now kept it unchanged even with significantly lower FCT-prices. Funds received as a result of lowered...
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    Reviewing Discord Permissions and Access

    I agree that is too general. I would be inclined to modify it as
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    Crowd Support

    Damo, for your commitment to the ecosystem TFA would like to contribute a lump sum of 100 FCT. Thank you
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    Process Discussion ANO selection round #3 - Feedback

    I think a more rigorous application form is needed so we have 90% of the information in one place and in a format that makes it easy to compare applicants and score them. Currently there's too much reliance on the Q+A thread and supporting docs which you have to wade through to find basic...
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    Thoughts on ANO role and standards

    Actually, I think the infra-model is currently better suited for these types of companies (Binance & Coinbase) as it provides a lower barrier to entry. Insisting they must "further the (Factom) protocol" for a comparatively measly reward to their core business and get involved in all aspects of...
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    Approved Grant [Factom, Inc.]-015 Protocol Development

    I appreciate the detailed response, Paul. If the business sponsors don’t have access to any of this information, what exactly is their role? Your sponsor budget for this grant is ~15k or $60k annualized. I think there’s possibly room in there for liability insurance and some internal...
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    Approved Grant [FACTOM-GRANT-FEDERATE-THIS-001] Off-Blocks

    Hi @Colin Campbell Just to clarify I assume the licenses won’t be exclusive to ANO’s/standing parties? If that’s the case perhaps appealing to ANOs specifically in this regard is a bit disingenuous as wholesaling your product license makes the most commercial sense for Off-blocks. BTW don’t...
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    Approved Grant [Factom, Inc.]-015 Protocol Development

    Do the business sponsors have insights into the man-hours / opex associated with the grants? Personally, I think we'd avoid these discussions every grant round if we had two sponsors; one technical and one business sponsor who signed an NDA and was provided a full breakdown of costs associated...
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    Approved Grant FACTOM-GRANT-[Go_Immutable]-001 - Marketing – Comprehensive Strategy & Execution

    Ah ok, so "Communicate grant updates to the community per the milestone timeline below" is in addition to sponsor updates.. I had assumed they were one and the same.
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    Approved Grant FACTOM-GRANT-[Go_Immutable]-001 - Marketing – Comprehensive Strategy & Execution

    Thank you for the detailed breakdown of costs. I appreciate the transparency. I think we can all agree a coordinated push in marketing is well overdue at this junction. I won’t comment much on the actual plan as I don’t feel I am qualified to do so. My question is related to this statement...