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    Vote Nic R Gave Standing for Bedrock Solutions

    Hi Nic, Thanks for your feedback and support. To clarify, we are the ones who built and maintain MyFactomWallet. We utilize the open source Ledger and Factom JavaScript libraries, which are authored by The Factoid Authority and LUCIAP respectively.
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    Question for Bedrock Solutions from Colin Campbell

    Hey Colin, If the Standing Parties vote to rebrand the protocol, we will support this decision and work to convert our development projects to the new name, including Factom Open Node and MyFactomWallet. We are not convinced a rebrand will make much of an impact unless we have significant news...
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    Bedrock Solutions

    Hi @Julianft, thank you for your questions. The following answers refer only to our ANO-related activities. Work done on grant projects or other Factom-related projects is not included. Total time spent working on the Factom platform will therefore be higher. 1. Our three person team will be...