Matter of Fact LLC

Matter of Fact LLC Team Members



Brooke Glew

Chief Marketing Officer

Keith Pincombe


Per Nyström

Creative Director

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About Matter of Fact LLC

Matter of Fact is a high efficiency infrastructure ANO that is delivering marketing and networking to the Factom protocol through the marketing committee, the neutral protocol website, and our internal networks

Who is Matter of Fact?
The core MOF team met in a crypto trading community and relationships where born whilst growing in the crypto space. This resulted in a strong team with diverse skill set coming together with a common interest in the Factom protocol.

Matter of Fact project/s timeline
Matter of Fact LLC is a high efficiency infrastructure ANO with a primary focus of maintaining secure mainnet node/nodes, testnet nodes, and utilizing our networking and marketing skills through the Factom Marketing Committee, neutral protocol website, and internal networks.

How does Matter of Fact further the Factom protocol?
First and foremost by running secure nodes on Factoms mainnet and testnet with prompt response time. Secondly by marketing the Factom protocol to a global audience.

What industries does Matter of Fact believe the Factom protocol could serve best?
Factom has the potential to be involved in, and a part of every industry.