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About Matter of Fact LLC

Matter of Fact LLC is a high-efficiency infrastructure ANO dedicated to maintaining secure mainnet and testnet nodes to support the Factom ecosystem. With an emphasis on running Factom testnet and mainnet nodes incorporating a high level of security with prompt response times through our self designed alert system. With industry-leading in-house experience of building secure hosting environments and offering prompt response times through our enterprise-grade alert system.
Matter of Fact is able to contribute towards stability and scalability of the protocol. Matter of Fact further contributes to the Factom community by participating in the overall Factom Governance and being some of the main contributors to the marketing committee.
Our authority has decades of diverse experience running their own successful businesses that include: investment portfolios, business management, marketing, creative design, software engineering, health care and real estate.
We believe the protocol can add value to systems in most industries and specifically government, financial sector, identification, aviation, health, supply chain, and mortgage.