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Frédéric Faye



Co-Founder & President

Elie Bonin


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About HashnStore

HashnStore is a France-based Authority Node Operator (ANO) part of the coalition of companies that provide infrastructure to decentralize the Factom protocol. Comprised of French engineers eager to promote a more honest world whose backgrounds range from IT and Finance, to Industrial Project Development HashnStore's main goals are to firstly provide reliable infrastructure to the Factom Mainnet and Testnet; secondly to promote the Factom Protocol ideas and principles through conferences or student projects; thirdly to facilitate the onboarding of entities, be they private companies, public institutions or simple associations onto the Protocol by providing adapted solutions.

HashnStore is currently developing a new service for securing any type of data on the Factom Blockchain facilitating the use of digital IDs. This platform will offer different solutions from API integration to Windows application.