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About HashnStore

HashnStore is a Factom Protocol Authority Node Operator (ANO) that is part of the coalition of companies that provide infrastructure to decentralize the protocol. Comprised of three french engineers eager to promote a more honest world whose backgrounds range from IT and Finance, to industrial project development and have relationships with the French school system and other diversified fields. HashnStore main goal is to firstly promote the Factom Protocol ideas and principles in countries part of the European Union; secondly to facilitate the onboarding of entities, be they private companies, public institutions or simple associations, onto the Protocol. They believe France is the most proactive country on the blockchain topic in Europe, working hard on implementing blockchain-based legislations (cf. Decree of December on decentralised systems to hold and exchange financial assets). Operating from France provides an insurance to be supported by existing public entities, in accordance with the current local dynamic toward this technology.