Blockchain Innovation Foundation

Blockchain Innovation Foundation Team Members

Sander Postma

Niels Klomp

Chairman BI Foundation, Co-founder Sphereon, CTO Sphereon, CTO Triall

Sebastian Boender

Secretary BI Foundation, Co-founder Sphereon, COO Sphereon

Maarten Boender

Co-founder Sphereon, Business Development, Product Owner

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About Blockchain Innovation Foundation

Blockchain Innovation Foundation is a non-profit organization created by the co-founders of Sphereon with the goal to promote awareness, adoption, usage and development of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), with a focus on Blockchain.

We believe Blockchain technology will profoundly change our Information Technology based society into something new. Into something better. Based on Truth and Trust.

The Blockchain Innovation Foundation’s first commitment is to support and promote the Factom protocol and community.

Factom is one of the more mature Blockchain projects, and exceptionally well suited for Enterprise customers.

By helping the development of the Distributed Ledger Technology we believe the adoption of blockchain infrastructures will increase significantly.