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Authority Node Operators (ANOs) are a coalition of companies who provide the infrastructure that decentralizes the Factom Protocol. There will eventually be 65+ such companies. Learn how to apply to be an ANO.
Bedrock Solutions
A high-efficiency, infrastructure ANO creating foundational solutions for the Factom community.
BI Foundation
A non-profit foundation that promotes blockchain innovation and hosts blockchain infrastructures.
Blockrock Mining
A high efficiency infrastructure ANO.
Building blockchain solutions for the construction industry.
Canonical Ledgers
Developing a host of blockchain solutions.
Crypto Vikings
A high efficiency infrastructure ANO, deferring 70% income to the Factom grant Pool.
A high efficiency infrastructure ANO.
Developers of the FAT Protocol. A tokenization and smart contract platform on top of Factom.
De Facto
Blockchain developer of products, services & integrations for B2B based on the Factom.
Factom Inc.
An enterprise Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) software company.
Developers of zero-knowledge solutions on the Factom blockchain. Authors of the on-chain voting protocol.
Develops software to make Factom Protocol governance more efficient, transparent, and accountable.
Developing tools and applications to expand the Factom ecosystem.
Federate This
Creator of Off-Blocks; Digital Signatures on Blockchain - that runs on the Factom Protocol.
Go Immutable
Sales, Legal, and Marketing work for the Factom Protocol.
50% efficiency nodes, promoting the Factom protocol within companies and schools and developing Factom solutions.
Layertech team wants to be the bridge to that future by building products and services that will seamlessly integrate existing business processes with Factom protocol.
Developing applications and protocols on top of Factom. Core developer. Technical advisor and educator.
Matter of Fact
A high efficiency infrastructure ANO that is delivering Marketing and Networking to the Factom protocol.
Multicoin Capital
A cryptocurrency hedge fund helping provide liquidity for FCT markets.
Prestige IT
Blockchain Security Specialists and Evangelizers of the Factom Protocol.
Software development ANO building solutions to drive EC usage and further the protocol.
Developing a host of solutions in IoT, Smart Cities, Fintech leveraging the Factom® Protocol
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The Factoid Authority
Hashing everything, bit by bit.
Delivering blockchain solutions and consulting services to business and government.