Grant Pool

FCT in Pool Current FCT Price Current Pool Value Last Grant Round Concluded Next Grant Round Commences
28,745.508 $6.03 $173,191.69 February 11th, 2019 Active

Each month 73,000 new FCT (the network’s market traded token) are automatically created by the Factom Protocol. Every four hours, these FCT are paid to the Authority Node Operators (ANOs), the companies that were elected to provide the infrastructure that decentralizes the protocol. Each of these companies operates at a different “efficiency” meaning they don’t need the full disbursement of FCT they are allotted because they operate so efficiently. The FCT they choose not to receive instead goes into the on-chain “grant pool” which is used to fund projects ranging from development to marketing.

Every three months there is a new grant round where those who seek a grant submit their proposal. The grant pool is reduced once the payouts from the last round transpire and then slowly build up for the next round.

Grant proposals are posted and discussed in this forum and updates and tracking of approved grants takes place here.

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