Factom Protocol Governance

Factom Protocol Governance

The Factom Protocol is governed in a decentralized manner by Standing Parties made up of Guides, Authority Node Operators, and eventually those who hold FCT, use entry credits, and successfully execute grants.

Governance Documents

View the governance documents, processes, meeting minutes, and more of the Factom Protocol.

Authority Node Operators

Authority Node Operators are the coalition of companies that have been elected to provide the infrastructure that decentralizes the Factom Protocol.

Committees and Working Groups

Due to the Factom Protocol being one of the most decentralized blockchain projects, a series of committees and working groups have been formed for specific tasks.

Factom Protocol Guides

Guides were elected by the Factom community to facilitate the decentralization of the Factom Network and create an efficient and robust governance framework. Each person is a member of a separate legal entity.