Factomize September Update

As we wrote our August update approximately one month ago, we found ourselves frustrated. We were frustrated because, as an infrastructure ANO, we didn’t feel like we were contributing in an optimal manner as we have specialized skills that can help further the Factom protocol. As a result, on September 2nd, we wrote this thread where we shopped around the idea of becoming a development ANO. The reception was warm enough that we decided to proceed and on September 10th we posted our project development thread and began work. We anticipate most of our early projects will focus on improving the efficiency and transparency of Factom governance via the Factomize forum. The first project we delivered was our “Custom Thread Permissions” modification. It allows a thread creator to create private or permissioned threads that only certain ANOs, Guides, and/or members are able to see and take part in. When invited, those members receive an email and the software tracks whether they have viewed the content of the thread as seen in the screenshots below.

The second modification we created is called “Factomized Edit and Version History”. It ties into the Factomize Forum Content addon which secures all the posts made on the forum onto the Factom Blockchain. When the initial Factomize Forum Content addon was created, it secured every edit and entered it as an entry on Factom, but that’s it. When another edit of the same post was made, everything regarding the first edit was discarded. It was very difficult to see who made the edit and it was impossible to see what specifically was edited and compare post versions. All of that is solved now with a simple UI that is enabled with a single click on “History” for any edited post on the forum. In addition, the post creator can revert to a previous edit with this system. You can see a screenshot of the UI below:

Not only does this system bring greater transparency to Factom governance, it also serves as a proof of concept showcasing how the Factom protocol can easily secure content tracking, versioning, ownership, and much more. This type of system can easily be ported to other forum software, CMS like wordpress and drupal, or any publishing platform. And we’ve only just begun…

Non Development Work

We’ve been extremely busy with non-development work as well. We wrote a 21 page evaluation of the Factom protocol against the Coinbase Digital Asset Framework to outline where we are strong and any issues we need to rectify. That report is currently working its way through the Exchange Committee and will no doubt help move the Factom Protocol forward. We also wrote a short article about how to apply to be a Factom Authority Node Operator. A lot of time has also been spent working with the ANO Contributions Committee and moderating the Factom Reddit. Factomize continues to operate the Factomize forum which now has 177 members, 778 threads, and 4,797 posts. And finally, we helped Xavier of LayerTech set up the October Factom ANO Retreat.

Overall we’re pleased with the contributions we’ve made to the protocol this month. Here’s to a great October!