Factomize October 2018 Update

October was an extremely busy month for Factomize and we’re proud of the work we’ve done.

Development Work

Factomize has been hard and work designing and developing a series of software modifications that will improve the transparency and efficiency of Factom Governance. These include:

Polling Improvements – This modification allowed for Guide and ANO only votes and created a means for inputting a specific number in a poll which will be used in the current grant round to rank votes.

Timed Permission System – The Timed Permission system is a moderated discussion system for “Minor” and “Major” discussions. We found we needed to standardize discussion and vote lengths and this system does that while also implementing Robert’s Rules so that motions can be made to extend or end the discussion. In addition, we built a “Document Ratification System” into this that allows for efficient ratification of documents as required by document 100.

Document Management System – Factomize created a document management system that will eventually be integrated into factomprotocol.org. This system creates a simple to navigate UI, has a version history for documents so old versions can be downloaded, and automatically Factomizes newly uploaded documents.

Grants We Authored

We wrote or co-wrote a series of grants not for ourselves, but in support of the protocol. These grants were:

Exchange Grant – We co-wrote this grant which seeks funds for the Exchange Committee to utilize for the purpose of gaining listings on various exchanges.

Bug Bounty Grant – A bug bounty program is not only beneficial

Guide Compensation Grant – We wrote the Guide Compensation grant on behalf of the Factom Guides.

Administrative Document Creation

We authored a series of documents that will be presented for ratification soon. These documents include:

Code of Conduct for FactomProtocol.org – A code of conduct is a requirement under the Coinbase Digital Asset Framework. Therefore, we authored a version for factomprotocol.org which will go up for ratification soon.

Guide Removal Process – We wrote the first draft of the Guide Removal Process which will go up for ratification soon.

Guide Election Process – We wrote the first draft of the Guide Election process.

Other Work

– Factomize has been hard at work with the ANO Pledge Committee. We spent considerable time working on the process by which we will track ANO contributions. We have begun work on a software modification that will make this process more efficient.

– We did a substantial amount of work with the Document Committee including moving all Factom documentation to the new documentation system that will be on factomprotocol.org.

– We spent a lot of time organizing the Factom Retreat and attended the Texas Bitcoin Conference and the Factom track.

– We continue to take part in governance, our Authority Node Servers have been stable, and the Factomize forum is continuing to play an important role for the ecosystem.

Overall, we’re pleased with our contributions to the Factom Protocol in October. Here’s to a great November!