Factomize June 2018 Update

Factomize is excited to announce that in partnership with ANO Canonical Ledgers, we have developed a new project that showcases the functionality of the Factom Protocol. This add-on will automatically “Factomize” any threads or posts created on the community forum. Each thread will have its own chain on Factom, and posts within that thread will be entries in the chain. This application will use Entry Credits to add hashes of this data to the immutable ledger and demonstrates a promising use-case for this technology. With this project, Factomize is able to illustrate the potential for blockchain to be integrated into platforms such as Xenforo forum, WordPress blogging, or Drupal content management software to validate and secure content. Follow the progress here and look at the detailed spec sheet. In addition, Factomize developers have created a complimentary Xenforo forum modification that sets hard limits on the editing of threads and posts to prevent spamming of the Factom blockchain with entries. This addon has already been successfully deployed, ensuring the integrity of the system.

Factomize went further and developed an additional modification for the community forum that we’re calling “ANO Only Polls”. This modification empowers the community to streamline decision-making and ensure proper governance by providing tool for Authority Node Voting. This project tracks which ANOs have voted and which have not, while ensuring only one member of each team may vote per poll. The instructions for using this modification may be viewed here. During recent ANO meeting, nine polls were created using this modification and parties appreciated the greater efficiency and transparency. In the future, additional features will be added to this modification, including Factomizing the voting results to the Factom Protocol. 

Currently, the Factomize forum has 427 threads, 2,524 posts, and and 134 members. Our numbers as of last month’s update were 283 threads, 1,665 posts, and 110 members.

Other contributions and initiatives include:

We’ve been having a lot of fun working to ensure that the Factom Protocol is successful. We at Factomize have a lot of ideas and are confident in the future of this technology. Looking ahead, we anticipate increasing our operations to expedite our delivery of initiatives. Stay tuned!