Factomize July 2018 Update

When Factomize campaigned to become a Factom Authority Node, we stated the following in the development section of our campaign document:

As part of this initiative, we will be building tools that allow content submitted to blogs and forums to be easily, “Factomized” to prove ownership and that it hasn’t been modified.

Factomize and Canonical Ledgers are pleased to announce that we have successfully built and deployed an add-on that automatically submits content posted to the Factomize forum.  Here is a copy of the “press release” that was posted on FactomBeat:


Monday 30 July 2018, Canonical Ledgers and Factomize announced a progressed partnership to develop a Factomize Forum Content Addon for xenForo forum software. The add-on secures, and renders auditable, the content of xenForo forums by integrating Factom blockchain functionality. A chain is created on Factom for every forum thread and each post and edit has an entry within that chain. XenForo is the forum software used by the Factom community forums.

The add-on adds an immutable audit trail to everything that happens on the forum which proves posts have not been altered. This proof of concept shows how the Factom protocol efficiently secures data integrity in the world’s forums, blogs and other published communications. The code is open source and anyone is welcome to utilize and improve upon it.

Canonical Ledgers LLC is a Factom Authority Node Operator that develops full stack applications that integrate blockchain.

“Making the world more transparent and auditable is an incremental process,” said Adam Levy, Lead Developer at Canonical Ledgers. “Factom provides a very low cost way to integrate the immutable transparent security of blockchain with any application. This project would not have been feasible were it not for the simplicity and low cost of Factom.”

Factomize LLC is a high efficiency infrastructure Factom Authority Node Operator that also furthers the protocol by providing the community forum platform and small development projects.

“This software showcases how the Factom Protocol can efficiently secure the worlds published communications from forum and blog posts to platforms like Wikipedia and Reddit. The Factom Protocol is the only blockchain that allows publishers to secure data in a cost-efficient manner that can be properly budgeted for as the cost is static at just $.001 per entry,” said David Chapman, CEO of Factomize.

The Factom technology secures data for private and public organizations by publishing encrypted data or a cryptographically unique fingerprint of the data to Factom’s immutable, distributed blockchain. Its M3 Governance roll-out in May 2018 saw 21 elected Authority Node Operators, with an eventual 65, for a fully distributed, autonomous blockchain protocol.

For further information on the Factomize Forum Content Addon please contact Factomize or Canonical Ledgers.


While we will continue to run our testnet node, take part in committees, moderate Reddit, run the community forum, and more, in late August Factomize will raise its efficiency to 60% and be an infrastructure node.  We have a lot of ideas for further development but at this point we are going into a holding pattern and contribute FCT to the grant pool so the protocol can be stabilized and made more robust.