Factomize August Update

August saw Factomize reclaim its status as an infrastructure ANO after raising its efficiency back up to 60% and declaring its development of the Factomize Forum Addon complete. We believe the addon is currently the largest user of EC for the Protocol which makes us 20% proud and 80% depressed.

The reality is, at this juncture, being an infrastructure ANO is pretty damn boring. As we start to get callouses on our twiddling thumbs, we find ourselves frustrated as we understand we need plenty of FCT in the grant pool for important dev work while at the same time, we have identified processes that Factomize developers could automate for greater efficiency and transparency. In addition, we have a lot of ideas that would result in large EC usage. Unfortunately, the current FCT price coupled with our 60% efficiency does not support additional development, at present. We continue to debate whether we should stay the course as an infrastructure ANO or take on substantial development tasks.

We’ve been spending our time moderating the Factom Reddit, updating the Reddit information thread, organizing the Authority Node Operator AMA, slightly improving the front page of this website, and taking part in no shortage of discussions on Discord and the Factomize forum which as of this writing now has 617 threads, 3,913 posts, and 171 members.

We were pleased to see that fct.tools which is developed by the newly elected ANO, DeFacto, is using the open source code we released in conjunction with Canonical Ledgers to secure some of the logs on their site. Kudos to them.

See you next month.