The, “Flippening” will not be BTC > ETH. It will be BTC > FCT as FCT will become the preferred global store of value

We live in the Information Age yet our data is easily compromised and falsified.  Factom with their Factoid (FCT) token is changing this as they have developed a scalable data layer for cryptocurrency that will secure the world’s data and make it immutable and easily auditable.  In my opinion, this alone will create tremendous value.  As of this writing, the market cap of Factom is 261 million while the market caps of Bitcoin and Ethereum are 42 and 35 billion respectively.  I am making the call that, the “Flippening” will not be Ethereum replacing Bitcoin as the number one coin, it will be Factom.  Before I explain why I feel this way, let me first say this … Read the rest

Factoid Valuation

*edit* July 24th, 2017** These first couple of years, the Factom (FCT) price will probably be driven primarily by speculation regarding the future use of the prototol rather than current EC usage. However, the below is still a worthwhile exercise regarding Factom’s price potential.

In my opinion, Factom is one of, if not the most undervalued cryptocurrencies due largely to misunderstanding and misinformation about the potential valuation of the Factoid (FCT) token.  Let me start by showcasing that YES, the value of the Factoid is meant to increase as use of the Factom protocol increases.  This is made clear by one of the founders and the Chief Architect of Factom, Paul Snow who answered the following question on Reddit:

Considering … Read the rest

How to Secure Your Factoids with Factom Papermill on Windows

If you’re like me, you have enough Factoids (Factom cryptocurrency tokens) on Poloniex where you occasionally wake up sweating and check to make sure the site hasn’t been hacked.  You’ve been waiting for a 3rd party wallet and are getting frustrated by the delays.  You’ve heard of the Factoid Papermill and Factom Enterprise Wallet but either heard they’re a pain to get working or suck.  Let me dispel the myth.  Factoid Papermill is VERY easy to use and highly secure and the Factom Enterprise Wallet has come a LONG way.  I personally keep the bulk of my Factoids in my paper wallet then import them to the Enterprise Wallet when I need to send them to an exchange.  This is … Read the rest